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Gravity Games Bike: Street, Vert, Dirt

Developer: Midway | Publisher: Midway
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 06/27/02 | Genre: Sports

When I was little I use to ride my little banana seat having bike around the neighborhood. I would pretend I was in a big race and just take off so no one could beat me. And if I felt crazy enough I would run through a hill or down a steep incline. That was until I figured out that falling off a bike hurt! And even today I have all the respect in the world for those crazy cats that ride their bikes in an “extremeâ€? way. They don’t listen to the people who say don’t do that your gonna hurt yourself. Nope that’s not even an option because that’s the whole fun of it. But is still blows my mind that people can figure out new and crazier tricks to do to keep the fans happy.

Well for most of us, who would care to keep their hospital bills down, if we want to experience this extreme fun there are two options. Number one go check out one of these events. Or my personal favorite get the game. Well Midway the company that brought you their own set of “extremeâ€? games such as NFL Blitz and NHL Hitz is trying their hand at a game that just screams intense. And it’s all about one thing: Bikes. So grab your helmet and kneepads cause you are going to need them in this one as we get inside Gravity Games Bike: Street, Vert, Dirt!

In a game similar to the Aggressive Inline and Tony Hawk titles the game showcase this sport in a bunch of different ways. There will be missions that need to be completed, Characters to unlock, and most importantly a ton of hidden secrets. The courses are vast and will keep you busy. And the game doesn’t lack with superstar power like Fuzzy Hall, Dennis McCoy, Jamie Bestwick, Andre Ellison, Leigh Ramsdell, Reuel Erickson, and Matt Beringer. And to be honest with you I couldn’t tell you who any of these cats are but you got to like a dude named Fuzzy! This along with the fact that you will have to complete a certain amount of objectives to advance yourself to the next level will keep you playing for quite a while.

Along with the depth in the one player mode you can add the Two-player mode, which even brings more extreme fun. You can go head to head with your buds with this one. The two player competitions including Graffiti, Race, Horse, and Team Attack. How do you accomplish all this wicked fun you ask? Well luckily there is an easy-to-learn trick and combo system. Which will have you playing and tricking out (if that’s even a word…if it’s not though I want credit for inventing it) in no time.

Graphically this game isn’t bad. Tons of scenery and different locations help keep this game looking tight at all times. Now ever since I played the Aggressive Inline game I want all my video game babes to be able to bounce in certain areas (mainly two) and that isn’t the case here. So I guess I just can’t be a perv in this one. But the game doesn’t look bad at all.

The audio (just like in most of the titles such as this) is one of the great highlights. The original music is slammin (I am all over these new words.) The soundtrack includes such groups Disturbed, 311, Adema, Sugar Ray, and more. This soundtrack simply kicks ass. And not only is it good but it helps with the flow of the game even to the point where you might get more caught up in the song and forget you are suppose to be doing a Tailwhip-270-smith grind.

What’s not so good? It did take me a little time to get use to the fact that I was on a bike. And trying to remember you are on a bike really helps when trying to land. Also, this game isn’t easy and at some points can just get very frustrating. But after a while you should get the feel of the game and be riding like a pro in no time!

The best part about this game to me is something I haven’t even touched on yet. And that is the bonus FMV features that show the real pro’s doin their thing. These have to be unlocked to see all of them but just sitting back watching these DVD extras is just cool. This along with the incredible depth this game offers makes it one to where if you like this kind of game you will enjoy it!

By Chris "Hoss" Neupert - 08/28/02
ESRB Details: Blood, Mild Lyrics, Mild Violence

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