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Developer: Digital Eclipse | Publisher: Konami
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 04/18/07 | Genre: Shooter

One of the best things about the current make up of consoles is the ability to download games. This gives smaller developers a place to put out their original content that could never be released as a full $60 game. But at the same time it also gives a place for publishers to unload the classic games that when played again, will absolutely shatter our fond memories of said games. Gyruss will not only shatter your nostalgia that you might have had, but it will throw those shards at the sun until every last molecule is eliminated and then pitched back out in a solar flair disrupting our precious satellites.

Gyruss (originally released in 1983) is a tube shooter set in our solar system where the objective is to go from planet to planet, to make it to earth. At the very least it’s an interesting concept and it’s nice to know you aren’t just randomly shooting pixels for no reason. But the game is very old, and it shows.

The problem with Gyruss is that it just isn’t very enjoyable. Rotating in a circle, shooting enemies, and avoiding their fire isn’t as addictive as it might have been 24 years ago. People who are old enough to remember this game might get a kick out of it for 5 minutes--reliving old childhood memories--but then you’ll want to turn it off before you’re reminded that you spent money on it. And like most XBLA games, it includes co-op and versus play for online and offline. But an abundance of modes doesn't help a game thats past its prime. Even as a free flash game this wouldn’t get much playtime, let alone a download that costs money.

Visually you have an option to play the game in classic or updated mode, which cleans up the visuals and adds some more colour so it doesn’t feel like a complete dinosaur. And like most classic games it’s placed on top of an HD border to keep the look of the game intact. Audio is probably the best aspect as it holds up a pretty cool soundtrack but does sound slightly muffled.

Bottom line though, it’s not worth your money, even at 400 points. You’re better off putting that towards a map pack or another downloadable title. A demo is enough to relive some memories and then forget about it again for another 24 years. Just don’t buy this one.

By David Doel - 05/13/07
ESRB Details: Mild Fantasy Violence

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