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Iridion 2

Developer: Shin'en | Publisher: Majesco
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 05/29/03 | Genre: Shooter

Most of you probably remember the first Iridion released long ago as one of the original GBA launch titles. For many, Iridion was a lackluster release which seemed rushed and void of all substance, which of course isn't necessarily bad considering Iridion is nothing more than a fast paced, high energy shoot-em up reminiscent of earlier games such as R-type.

After turning on my GBA and watching the B-movie intro cinematic, I was treated to a great song coming out of the little speaker. Honestly, I haven't heard music this good from a GBA game since the original Golden Sun. So instinctively, I plugged in my headphones to get a real stereo experience from this little cartridge. The sound effects on top of the great music are decent, but typical for such a game. They're nothing too spectacular and you'll probably find yourself turning the sound effects down and the music up in the options screen.

The graphics are much better than they were in the original Iridion, even though they were good to begin with. The game has progressed from a typical behind the ship view to a more isometric overhead perspective. The background level graphics are amazingly detailed and anti-aliased and will make you wonder how your little GBA can churn out such graphics. However, the enemy, obstacle, and ship designs are basic and not nearly as pretty as the scrolling background that dominates your senses. Overall, the game is mighty pretty and will hold your interest graphically.

When it comes to games like this, gameplay and control are the only things that really count. When there are hundreds of bullets and enemies flying at you, you want to be able to quickly dodge them and then easily get back on track. That is exactly how the control is in Iridion 2. The gameplay is precise and consistent, with no slow down or glitches that cause you to lose control and your concentration.

In comparison to the first Iridion, they did a good job in achieving another great shoot em up adventure that you will laugh, yell, and cry out in frustration at. I'd recommend this game to anyone.

By Jeff Sear - 05/16/03

Screenshots for Iridion 2

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