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Iron Storm

Developer: 3X Studios | Publisher: DreamCatcher
Players: | Release Date: 10/25/02 | Genre: First Person Shooter

Things that need to be in a World War 2 game: 1) New story. 2) New angle. 3) New weapons and plot. 4) John Wayne. Iron Storm gets 0 out of 4. Somewhere within gaming world a fine line exists between an ideas that works and just another mass-produced knockoff title. In Hollywood, films try to stay away from this deadly loop by basing their movies, say, one World War II but by showing an entirely different aspect of it. For example, Private Ryan, Stalag 17 and John Wayne all involved the war but were entirely different. However, this does not apply to Iron storm, another sub generic FPS with a bland WWII skin.

I hate to bring bad news and to sound like an elitist, but I'll do it anyways (because I'm still sore about my tired legs from e3). Producers, this message is for you: BRING IN THE WRITERS! Please don't think that you can wing the story your self to save money, because you more than make up for it in sales. If not, you have Iron Storm, another random kill, kill, kill game with dull graphics, sub par sounds and terrible AI. I would say that the plot is as thin as air but I wouldn't want to degrade air in that manner. Its mainly a bad Red Fraction 2 rip-off with a World War two finish, and by that I mean shooting at enemies whom shout the same three German words at you over and over as you walk around a generic Europe setting.

I'm sure the producers of Iron Storm knew this, so in an attempt to make it more fun they put "God Mode" right into the game, which can be turned on and off. This means that you have full or unlimited ammo for all guns and you can never die, which is fun for about six seconds. Perhaps you would like to hear about the plot: you are a member of the American Army, in which needs to bring down the axis powers with as little instruction as possible. Its bland, its trite and you'll eventually ignore the instructions altogether and search out things to kill.

The only thing that saves this game from an F standing is the explosion effect. When you shoot the rocket launcher, the round ends with a magnificent shower of dirt and debris, but this gets tiresome when you see the same explosion when it hits buildings and people. They kept pushing "rag-doll effect", but the only game that I even saw make an attempt at this is from Raven shield, in which the death animations are iffy. In this game, it feels like you are shooting at ghosts, in which after a certain number of bullets they fall. Even after a sniper round to the gut they keep mindlessly shooting and striving, oblivious to their wounds. The same death animation also happens with each gun, no matter where you hit them. Half Life could get away with this, but come on! It's five years old!

The sound isn't even worth mentioning, in which the same generic pop, pop, pop rifle fire rings out. So, you are stuck running around bland maps killing bad guys with no sense of intellect, to which you complete your mission and beat the game, which turns into a lump taking up precious space on your hard drive. I hate to be a cynic, but the only way we can stop these terrible, rushed out games is to stop buying them! As long as we give them money, they will keep making these shooters in different areas and times just to justify shooting. I have to somewhat applaud Postal 2 for just giving up and not trying to explain why you are killing, as Iron Storm so desperately tried.

By Douglas Brinius - 05/15/03
ESRB Details: Blood and Gore, Violence

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