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Kaleb's E3 2004 Predictions

May is an exciting time of year for gamers. Each year, the world gathers in Los Angeles, California to witness the unveiling of new games, hardware, and announcements that can change the face of gaming. This year marks my seventh trip to E3 and I seen a lot during my years at the show. While I may have not always predicted what has happened, I have been able to foresee many things that have happened at the shows. Here is a list of what I think will happen during E3 2004.

Please remember that the items listed here are not guaranteed to happen. These are my personal predictions based on rumors, things I have been told off the record, and things I have a gut feeling will happen.


Sony will unveil the PSP and everyone will be amazed at how awesome the technology is. It will also be playable.

While everyone is still amazed at the PSP, Sony will show another new piece of hardware. This will be a redesigned PlayStation 2 called the PStwo and will feature a built in Hard Drive and Network Adapter built in. Sony will price the unit somewhere between $99 and $149 and announce a release date of this fall.

Sony will not discuss the PS3.

The new Grand Theft Auto title will not be playable but Rockstar will hint that the title will have an online mode. The game will be announced exclusively for PlayStation 2 for at least a year. An Xbox and PC version will appear a year after the PS2 release. The release date for the PS2 version will be this fall.

The PSX will finally be released this fall with a built in 250 GB HD. The unit will be a bit pricey at around $600.

Sony will add support for saving MP3's, Audio CD's, and pictures to the PS2 Hard Drive.

Gran Turismo 4 will feature an online mode and will have connectivity to the PSP.

Soul Calibur III will be announced for the PS2 and will feature an online fighting mode.

Tecmo will announce the final chapter to the Fatal Frame series.

Working Designs will be completely absent from the show floor for the second year in a row.

Square-Enix will amaze gamers with several Final Fantasy titles, the new Dragon Warrior, and the new Kingdom Hearts titles.

Sony will finally announce the development of the long-rumored sequel to ICO... NICO.


EA and Xbox will reach an agreement to make all EA Sports titles playable on Xbox Live. This will end the exclusive online deal EA and Sony have.

Xbox 2 will not be shown at the show. Microsoft will probably discuss some details about their new console at their press conference.

Rare will show a glimpse of the Perfect Dark title but will announce it will be pushed back for the next Xbox console.

Microsoft will announce an upgrade to the Xbox Live service that will fix a lot of things players have complained about.

Halo 2, Half-Life 2, and Doom 3 will all be shown and playable for Xbox. However, the biggest Xbox title will be Jade Empire.

Sega will announce that they will begin to make titles exclusively for Microsoft in the future.


Nintendo will show off Nintendo DS. It will be absolutely amazing but still only about equal to the PSP.

The Nintendo DS will have a version of Mario 64, Zelda 64, and a new Monkey Ball game shown for it at the Nintendo Press Conference. These games will be playable on the show floor.

An online version of Animal Crossing will be announced for the GameCube.

Nintendo will announce an updated version of Kid Icarus for the GameCube.

A new Mario title will be shown at the Nintendo Press Conference along with a new Zelda title. However, these games will not be playable and won't release until at least 2005. The Mario title will be very innovative and feature more action than ever seen before in a Mario title.

Metroid Prime 2 will be playable and be the best looking first party title Nintendo shows off this year.

Third Party support for the GameCube will suffer this year and most companies will write off the GameCube. This will make the GameCube seem more and more like the Nintendo 64 with very few games coming out for it. To counter this, Nintendo will announce that they will show off their next console at Spaceworld in Japan later in 2004. With their next console, Nintendo will try to compete with Sony better and attract more Third Parties.


While Half-Life 2, Doom 3, EverQuest 2, and World of WarCraft will all look amazing at E3, another unknown PC game will be the killer-ap for the PC at this year's show. This game will also be playable and not in video form.

Blizzard will announce a new StarCraft RTS and will hint at another follow-up to Diablo.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 04/05/04

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