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Killzone: Liberation (Pre-E3 2006)

Developer: Guerrilla | Publisher: SCEA
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: Action

Release Date: 10/31/06

KillzoneLib1.jpgIt’s no secret that first-person shooters haven’t exactly had the best showing on the PSP. Developers have had issues trying to map the dual analog control from the console onto the single analog nub and PSP buttons. Perhaps this is why the Killzone team at Guerilla Games decided to go for a different look and feel when they started development on Killzone: Liberation for the PSP.

Killzone Liberation’s story picks up two months after the end of the first game. You return as Jan Templar with the goal to save hostages captured by Metrac. The game, unlike its PS2 showing, is not a first-person shooter. Instead it is played through with a 3rd-person, top-down, viewpoint. It’s very reminiscent of a 3D old-school Metal Gear title, and makes use of the environment in much the same way.


Despite its change in approach, Killzone Liberation is still a real-time tactical shooter. If you try to run-and-gun through its story mode, you won’t make it very far. Too succeed you’ll need to use cover, create distractions, and flush out enemies with grenades before running in and taking care of the stragglers.

The AI uses these same tactics against you, and they’ll even catch on to your nuances. If they feel like you’ve been taking cover behind a barricade for too long, they’ll take advantage of the destructible environments and try to blow you out of hiding. In addition to your arsenal and various strategies, there will also be context-sensitive moments where you will be able to execute an action such as taking over a mounted turret or knocking an enemy out with your gun at close range.


Multiplayer was a focus of the first game, and it makes a return in Liberation as well with both ad hoc and infrastructure being supported. Guerilla is focused on beefing up this title with a large selection of competitive and cooperative modes, drivable vehicles, and even voice-chat. Of course you’ll be able to use all the same moves, tactics and weapons as in the story mode.

Though the first Killzone on PS2 was received to mixed reviews, many felt it was under-rated due to a few technical and AI issues. With Killzone Liberation, Guerilla is looking to take a different approach which will be better suited for a handheld and the PSP’s interface. The game is looking very impressive and I’m glad to see an original title built up for the PSP as opposed to a straight port. Killzone Liberation is slated to release sometime this fall, until then look out for more information on the game in the near future

By David Doel - 05/01/06
ESRB Details: Blood, Language, Violence

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