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Knight Rider: The Game

Developer: Davilex | Publisher: Tri Synergy
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 02/12/03 | Genre: Driving

Whoa, a wave of 80's nostalgia just flooded my head. All of a sudden, words like "Micro-Jammers" and "Super Pursuit Mode" have meaning again. Of course this time it was me at the wheel of digital KITT, and not my old KITT match box car. Knight Rider is a new game from Davilex Software that follows in the footsteps of such other recent games as The Dukes of Hazards. They bring back familiar sounds and settings to breathe life into some very typical genres.

Knight Rider is obviously a pure driving game as you take the role of KITT, the very expensive, over modified, and intelligent Trans-Am. The Knight Industries Two Thousand, or KITT, is filled with the same crazy gadgetry and toys that we saw back in the old television show. You can hit Ski Mode and the car pulls to its side on two wheels; hit Super Pursuit Mode and KITT goes flying into the air. Either way, there is plenty of fun behind the wheel. The mission variety is as good as you can get for any driving game (or any 80's show that was car-centric). Seriously, how they found someone each week who thought they could outrun a talking Trans-Am is beyond me. Even those in helicopters are not immune to KITT's Turbo and witty comments.

There will be no shortage of foes for Michael Knight in this game. The developers went to good lengths to regurgitate old friends and villains from the old show. Still working for FLAG (Foundation for Law and Government), Michael and KITT go to work nabbing criminals as usual. Then their evil doppelgangers make an appearance in the form of Garth and KARR, and then the story gets rolling. We also get to meet a nasty Semi named Goliath who will also persist in giving KITT trouble.

The graphics are not bad, but they don't go out of their way to do anything special. The game has plenty of interesting locales to explore, and conduct crazy high speed chases. Without fail, there is the conveniently placed semi or assortment of crates for which to leap. Perfect, since this is all Knight Rider was about. Cut scenes and in-story dialog are enough to keep the player well informed about the story. I was initially worried about the quality of the voice over, but they are very well done (certainly not distracting like the voice over in X-Box's Obi Wan). The game sounds right, and does the best job of creating Knight Rider nostalgia since I strolled by that KITT lunch box at the antique mall.

I feel the game is really more for Knight Rider fans. Sure, there is an entertaining car chase game, but I think many will struggle why a black Trans-Am is sassy off to a guy in a strange leather jacket. But, I am glad to see it on the market. The demo really doesn't do the full game justice. I recommend you treat it as more of a Knight Rider Lite since there are better missions within the full version. With Knight Rider on the market, I can't wait for the inevitable A-Team FPS or Smurf Sims game.

By Jay Waschak - 03/28/03
ESRB Details: Violence

Screenshots for Knight Rider: The Game

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