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Let FREEDOM Reign!!

Early Friday Afternoon, I was checking out the selections that Blockbuster had in the Games Section. I wanted something new to play through this weekend. Maybe I'd even get a review up next week! Alas, they didn't have NCAA Football 2003 out yet (review next week), so I had to settle for renting Pikmin, hoping to finally finish it.

�Great,� I thought to myself. �What am I going to write about now?� Then, as I was leaving, it hit me harder than a Superman 64 cart thrown at me by Randy Johnson! See, I didn't have to pay for the rental. Why? Because I've got the Blockbuster Freedom Card.

In case you've never heard of this magic-worker, let me break it down. For 20 bucks, you get this really lame green card from Blockbuster called the Freedom Card. Once you drop the money, you can go pick out any two games you want. Bring them back to the cashier. She'll scan your Blockbuster card, your Freedom Card, and the games. Then she'll give them to you and probably say, �Have a nice day!� No more money drops from your wallet!

Now, here's the cool part. For the next 30 days, you can keep those two games for as long as you want. Let's say you want Resident Evil for the full 30 days, but you get sick of Maximo after five days and you've been waiting to try out Brittney's Dance Beat. Just bring back Maximo and get Ms. Spears first game. Again, NO MORE MONEY IS REQUIRED!! You just take Brittney home for the duration of the Pass.

Can you believe this deal? For 20 bucks, you have the option to rent as many games as you want for 30 days! I've already rented four games with mine. I've kept one and just traded out the other game every week or so. If you figure seven bucks per game rental, the card was paid for after three games!

The card is good for 30 days worth of rentals, you can rent up to two games at a time, and you can only rent from the store you bought the card from. Even with those restrictions, this is a sweet deal! Mine is running out in a couple weeks and I plan on dropping another 20 down at Blockbuster for another pass during the typical summer dry spell. I HIGHLY recommend you check out the Freedom Card, because it's the absolute best deal Blockbuster has ever had.

By Jeff Rademaker - 07/26/02

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