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Little Big Planet

Developer: Media Molecule | Publisher: SCEA
Players: 1 to 4 Player Game | Genre: Platform

Release Date: 10/27/08

For over a year gamers all over world have been praying for a swift release of Little Big Planet. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to even get a demo or beta version to play with. However, that soon may be changing for some as Little Big Planet has entered into the alpha stage and is gearing up for a release, in some form, later in 2008. Here is an updated look at what is sure to be one of the biggest titles of the year.

Little Big Planet is a game that heavily features user created content. Players can build levels by themselves or join up with three others to build a level. This can even include photos and content on your PlayStation 3 hard drive. Once placed in the world, users can modify the textures, shape, size, color, placement, etc. The possibilities are practically endless. Developer Media Molecule also gives the player freedom to create individual challenges for their levels--with starting and ending points complete with instructions for what to do and rewards for successfully completing their challenges. As the game reaches a beta point, players will soon be able to download a limited version of Little Big Planet, make their own levels, and then upload them for the community to play with. Users will vote on the best levels, modify any level they want, and Sony is planning on including the best of the best in the retail Blu-ray release.

In its current alpha state, Little Big Planet is not without bugs. But the game is shaping up to be the biggest user created product ever released. Players all begin with a simple character known as Sackboy. As they play through the existing single player content, new costumes and accessories will be unlocked for players to customize their avatar. Besides customizing the appearance of your character, Media Molecule is also including the ability for players to interact with the environment, Hitting the up button on the d-pad one to three times will result in the character showing various levels of happiness--while hitting the down button one to three times will result in the same thing for sadness. In addition to this, shaking the Sixaxis will result in your character dancing and swinging his arms around.

As the player runs around the world and its 2d platformer perspective, you can grab on to objects using the R1 button. This can be used for players to work with the physics in the game to unlock puzzles to get past a certain area. However, no matter what obstacle may be in front of the player, there are usually several ways to get through any specific challenge.

In order to fully unlock content found within Little Big Planet, players will need to collect orbs scattered throughout the game. These can be placed in places that will be impossible for a single player to collect and will require the use of up to four users. The fun part is when reaching a high area with four people, will your group try to steal all the orbs for themselves or will they equally share them? Since Little Big Planet will be playable over a single console or over the PlayStation Network, you can either elbow someone next to you who steals your orbs or scream at them over your headset.

At this point in the development cycle it is very clear that Little Big Planet shows a lot of promise. However, to fully realize the potential of the game, it will require a mass of users to come in and create content for the title. This will require players to invest a significant amount of time and come up with creative ideas. While it is fairly clear that the users will want to do this, creating levels is not going to be for everyone due to the heavy time investment and because some users just aren't that creative. Although it is true Little Big Planet may not make everyone into a good game designer, it will allow you to play all the great content that will pop up.

With a world full of possibilities and the gaming public patiently waiting, we can't wait to see more of Little Big Planet. Keep reading CVGames for the latest on the title and stay tuned later this year when Sony will unleash a beta version of the game before its full release.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 06/19/08
ESRB Details: - Cosmic Mischief - This is a side-scrolling platformer in which players control a small sack doll that runs and jumps through whimsically-themed levels. Players can solve puzzles, navigate obstacles, and defeat 'cardboard-cutout' enemies along the way. When players cannot avoid a hazard, they may get poked by spikes or get stunned by electrical fields. The sac doll can also jump on smaller enemies to defeat them—they usually fall off the screen or dissolve like gas.

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