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Logitech Cordless Headset for Xbox

Developer: Logitech | Publisher:
Players: | Release Date: 05/12/17 | Genre: Accessory

I am sick and tired of being tangled up in cords! Unfortunately, there has never been a way for me to play an Xbox Live game without the use of a corded controller. That is until Logitech stepped in with their Logitech Cordless Headset for Xbox. While it is a bit pricey and not perfect, it is only solution to play online without any cords.

I spend a lot of time on Xbox Live. Usually my gaming sessions go for several hours. Most of the time I finally log off because I have to get the darn headset off! The standard headset is not comfortable after long playing sessions and doesn't offer me the freedom to play without my wired controller. Logitech's Cordless headset is available for purchase and it solves almost all your problems.

First, the headset is extremely comfortable. The "one size fits all" package has a new earpiece that appears to be something out of a science fiction movie. It slides over your ear and has a small microphone piece that you point towards the direction of your mouth. Players then hold down a small button on towards the outside top of the earpiece. After a few seconds a beep is heard and you are able to talk online.

In order to be heard, however, you need to plug in the proprietary Xbox Communicator into the wireless receiver that comes with the unit. This plugs directly into one of the controller ports. The Headset also includes an AC adapter to charge the batteries in the headset. While you do have to wait for the batteries to charge before playing without wires, I never have had the headset go out on me--even during my longest play sessions. Once finished playing on Live, players simply hold down the power button for a few more seconds, wait for the beep, and then plug it in. The Headset will be fully powered and ready to go for their next play session.

Charging times varies a bit but normally takes about two hours to completely charge.

Running at a 2.4 GHz frequency, there is a chance that this device could interfere with other cordless phones or routers running this same frequency. However, I found that I did not experience any of these problems and there were no issues of the signal being blocked due to furniture or other items being in the way. However, the sound quality can sometimes be a problem. During my play sessions, the headset constantly made a slight noise that would be heard by all players. This caused problems in a game like Halo 2 when I was trying to sneak up on unsuspecting players. Also, you will notice that your microphone is constantly blinking--showing that you are always talking. This can be resolved by hitting the power button once to mute the device. However, during gameplay, there is no clear way to tell if you are muted or not. So I tended to always leave it on--even if my teammates hated the slight buzzing noise. Other issues are that I could usually hear some slight static not normally heard on my regular headset.

Despite the problems, this is the best headset to get if you are looking for a wireless solution. While it is expensive and pricey, I still recommend you picking it up if you can't stand any more wires.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 02/20/05

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Logitech Cordless Controller for Xbox

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