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Luxor 2

Developer: MumboJumbo | Publisher: MumboJumbo
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 04/04/07 | Genre: Puzzle

luxor2_.jpgFans of Zuma rejoice as MumboJumbo has delivered Luxor 2 to the Xbox Live Arcade--currently offered exclusively to the Xbox 360 for home consoles. As the sequel to Luxor, and utilizing the same basic idea of Zuma, players will find a lot to love in this 800 Point ($10) download on their 360.

Visually you won't find a lot that stands out in Luxor 2. Each level takes place on a single screen that has a static background on it. While there is nothing wrong with this, if you don't like your games to take full advantage of HD, then you may be bothered by simple looking graphics. To me this is not an issue because this game is all about frantic puzzle action--that has all the fun and charm of the original Zuma.

luxor2_7.jpg luxor2_8.jpg luxor2_9.jpg

In Luxor 2 players move a paddle-like device to the left or right while shooting at different colored balls that appear on the screen. If three, or more, balls of the same color touch after you shoot them, they will explode and the row of balls will shrink. A lot of strategy can come into play as you try to string together a series of "chain reactions." For example, if you knock out the a set of yellow covered balls, it can lead to another set being blown up. There are also several achievements that will keep you busy trying to obtain a certain number of chain reaction and perform other specific challenges. Some of these were easier to obtain and some were a bit more difficult. But I found that the achievements really added a great deal of fun to the entire puzzle experience of Luxor 2.

As you blow up the balls rolling on the screen, you will occasionally receive powerups that give you the ability to spray a specific color on balls, shoot swords and destroy any color, shoot fire, and more. You will also find that various treasures will fall to the bottom of the screen. Not only do these add up to some achievements, but they add on to your overall score.

luxor2_4.jpg luxor2_5.jpg luxor2_6.jpg

Should you fail to stop the line, or lines, of balls on the screen--and they roll to the end of their predetermined path, you will lose a life. On the earlier levels--with the easier difficulty modes--this should not occur very often. But later levels can get a bit hectic at times.

luxor2_1.jpg luxor2_2.jpg luxor2_3.jpg

As you complete a level, players can choose to save their progress. In addition to this, if you wish to start over, you can begin at virtually any point you wish--as long as you had originally made it that far. The real joy of Luxor 2 is that it is very easy to pick up and play and impossibly difficult to put it down. With many, many hours of entertaining gameplay, the charm of the original Zuma, and the endless replay value available, I highly recommend Luxor 2 to any Xbox 360 user looking for another great Puzzle game. Since you won't find many actual retail disk experiences, this is a bargain at only 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

By Kaleb Rutherford - 05/04/07

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