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Developer: Rockstar North | Publisher: Rockstar Games
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 11/18/03 | Genre: Action

The Grand Theft Auto video games have never been very popular to kids under the age of well… 12, but it is still rated 'M' for Mature, for a reason! Now Rockstar has released a more violent video game, with more ways to shock the customers!

Rockstar has brought to us another killer… well killer. We have had Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Max Payne from Max Payne and Fall of Max Payne and many other lawbreakers, created by Rockstar. But no one has ever done anything like this game… Man Hunt is a video game about a sick-o wanting to have some great fun and some awesome shots of snuff videos. For everyone who doesn’t know what is a snuff video… a snuff video is a video of someone getting killed. In this case, tons of people getting brutally snuffed.

When everyone first heard about Man Hunt, everyone immediately thought “Another Grand Theft Auto��? but this game is a whole lot different! Sure the game has violence, still not as much violence then Vice City or GTA3, but it has many ways to decease your opponent.

You are Cash, a murder, brought back to provide some sick-o some good old fashion snuff videos. There are many different gangs, such as hoods. These are your enemy… if they spot you, you will be chased till they beat you, and shoot you too death as many times as they can. Though you have your own weapons yourself. From Bats, and crowbars to stealth weapons such as Glass shards, and plastics bags and too big weapons such as shotguns, and explosives.

Though the game is very difficult. The game is mostly stealth… there is no free play in this game as was in the Grand Theft Auto video games. Man Hunt is all a mission based video game, so you wont have anytime to fool around. You must sneak around killing each person one at a time. If you ever go up against 2 or more people, you will automatically be killed, because it is almost impossible to fight both them off. Though if you have a gun, you will be able to. The game is difficult, and makes it good to have save points through the levels.

Mainly the story through Man Hunt is that you are a person used for another person’s entertainment. You must follow the rules of your friend / enemy, or you will be left hanging with a rope around your neck. The more you kill adds up to how good you will get on your overall standings. Though, never go up against a guy with a gun, or with a buddy, you will be slaughtered!

The game has good, but not the best graphics for a game at these standards. Rockstar created some good, weapons, enemies, and background, but the graphics for all of those are lacking so much, you will think it deserves to be made 2 years ago. They have choppy; animation at some points, but the VCR, Old video, and static effects gives the game a unique value. Also, each blow that you will receive, you will receive on your body, and face. They added the cool time activated sequence that allows you to see where you received a blow or where you gave a smack to the enemy. Sure, the graphics, are no Final Fantasy, but they are very interesting, gory, and appealing

Bang, smack, crack, ka-boom! Mostly what you would hear in these video games, but Man Hunt has quite a bit more, maybe one of the greatest audio, music, and voice acting in a video game.

If you have a headset, such as a head set from Socom US Navy Seals, or just buying it separately, you will have access to what your snuffy is trying to say to you, just like Cash is hearing through his earpiece to yours. But it won’t support the enemies’ conversations.

The Voice acting is a major role in the game, the enemies, and your “friend��? will always trying to talk to you… ok maybe not the enemies, but they do say stuff like “Get back here!��? “I Found you…!��? but the actor for Mr. Lionel Starkweather is very well done. He explains very much everything you want to know to get out or even live through the nightmare, he will always, say something such as “Brutalize him��? when you can do a stealth kill.

The Music is very dramatic, just like any movie, but it isn’t really in any snuff videos, the music is very good, the voice acting is one of the best, and the tracking, and sound effects are very very appealing.

The gameplay in Man Hunt are very entertaining and can be easily learned within 20 minutes of gameplay. Control of your character, sometimes will get in a little trouble if you want to do something fancy, but basically, gameplay is shoot, hit, stab, and hide. You will have to hide in the shadows all through the game, to make sure the enemies do not see you. This is a stealth game, but not a Metal Gear Solid game. You are one person, only one person to trust, yourself and Mr. Lionel Starkweather. If you make a noise within there area, the enemies will hear you and come running. They will only alert people around them. So you must be very careful. Or you will end up with a knife in your back or a bullet in your head.

They did add a few cool additions to the game to make it a true stealth game. You are able to hide in the shadows if a person is looking for you, though if they are really looking for you, you will be caught. Also added was the stealth kills… where the enemy turns his back, you can come up behind him and use a weapon to decease them.

The game has major sense of cut scenes, the cut scenes may be a bit on the gory side, but the small snuff videos that Mr. Lionel Starkweather collects are very well portrayed as in his collection. This is no game for anyone who is not mature, That is why ESRB has the rating “M��? for a reason, too keep people under the age of 18 to be able to rent it or buy it, it may influence people too much!

The game is a very good show to anyone who likes brutally murdering people, or anyone who likes a good stealth game such as Splinter Cell. Since the game is all stealth, many Grand Theft Auto fans may be disappointed, you will have no free time to fool around and there are no civilians you can smash apart.

The Video game is prorated very well, and has many features you can play, including four extra levels, extra weapons, and abilities. Man Hunt is a game that you would buy for the fun of killing, the game is something with lots of extras, so there is excellent replay value, some of the best graphics, a very good story, and great sound effects.

Overall Man Hunt is a very good game, that you should buy or even try if you enjoy the Grand Theft Auto series, but if you are a person that agrees with John L. then you should stay a far away from this game. “This game will take your mind by surprise!��? The game gets murderous B+.

Don’t you just hear the court bells ringing, and Joe Lieberman. screaming?

By Adam Beck - 01/28/04
ESRB Details: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

Screenshots for Manhunt

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