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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Developer: 2015 | Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1+ Player Game | Release Date: 01/20/02 | Genre: FPS

EA's new Medal of Honor game for the PC has taken computer war gamers to an entirely new level. The newest addition to the franchise, started on the Playstation, has all the fun and ingenuity of the original, only this time, with a lot more punch. EA has used the Quake 3 engine to create a gaming experience no one was expecting.

In Allied Assault, you are Lieutenant Mike Powell of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner to the CIA. The game has you placed in World War II against the Nazi Regime that has begun its conquest of Europe.

Like any war game, you have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal, from the Colt 45 to the Panzerschrek, the German rocket launcher. The guns have realistic "kick" to them as you fire each one. Each has its own "personality" and is useful for many different parts of the game. The Thompson submachine gun makes an appearance and you'll immediately fall in love with it, as it does not have as much kick as the rest of the rapid-fire weapons.

Vehicles play a major part of the game. You find yourself several times having to fend off charges led by truckloads of German infantry. The Sherman, Tiger, and King Tiger tanks all make a cameo that makes the game well arrayed with ground vehicles. Other vehicles present are a few planes from WWII and some other ground and water vehicles that fully flush out the reality of a WWII game.

The game gives you an extremely realistic sense of battle. The physics that are in the game are sometimes so intense, you might have to walk away. The screen shakes as explosions nearly miss you, and you wonder if you'll really make it out alive.

Dirt flies up in the air along with your fellow soldiers as you storm the beaches at Omaha. The game brings and intense feel as it forces you to constantly check your corners and even sometimes flee for safety.

The AI that is present in the game sufficiently adds another level of realism to the game. The level of AI is almost not expected to be as good as it is. Enemy soldiers will fire from cover, toss grenades, fire while running backwards, and even straight up bum rush you while you reload. The gameplay is intense enough to cause you to sweat in anticipation of what comes next. The enemy soldiers will even sometimes just wait you out.

This game has and incredible amount of work put into it. The soldiers will interact with you as you attempt to protect them. They can fend for themselves though, as it is very hard to kill the guys on your side. They run for cover when under fire, and will point out enemies for you to snipe.

The curve that the game presents is almost perfect. The beginning levels are almost easy, but they immediately tell you that the game will not be a walk in the park. You progress through the levels sometimes fighting snipers, sometimes fighting a tank. Nothing is ever as you expect it.

The soundtrack for the game is incredible, as have been the past games'. The music fits every twist and turn that the game throws at you. It is almost like watching a movie as the heroic music plays behind you.

One of the highlights of the game is the storming of Omaha Beach. The realism is so great, the level is worth at least 10 replays. You immediately find yourself under fire and sprinting for cover. The battle that you face is so intense, that you will find yourself breathing hard after a spring across the beach to another little hiding spot. This part of the game shines as you are almost really there in the battle.

This game is a true tribute to the war game genre, and it leaves you feeling very proud that you can overcome it. EA has once again provided a must have game for anyone that enjoys a first person shooter of any kind. EA has set the bar for any future WWII games. This game will enjoy many playtimes and will stand out from the rest.

Overall, this game deserves an A+.

By Jared Canton - 03/24/02
ESRB Details: Violence

Screenshots for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault


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