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Mega Man 64

Developer: Capcom | Publisher: Capcom
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 01/10/01 | Genre: Platform

Little Boy Blue is back...sort of. Mega Man 64 comes off as a new adventure for the robotic wonder, but in reality, it's just Mega Man Legends (PS-X) with a slightly altered name. Not that this is a big deal; games are ported between systems all the time. However, Mega Man Legends is three years old and boy am I going to let my editorial guns rip because of this one.

The game's story is very weird for that of Mega Man. Megs, his friend Roll and some scientist guy crash their rubber ducky thing on an island with a large city. This island is home to several large dungeons with tons of treasure and the Mother Lode, an extremely large treasure. Megs and company is out to get the treasure, but so is the evil Tron Bonne and her ever helpful Servbots (which look like LEGO men). I really can't understand this departure from the normal Mega Man story, but times change I suppose.

Gameplay is a sort of mix of adventure and RPG with a dash of action. The island city is large, I'll give Capcom that, but the dungeons are horrid! They're excessively big and frustrating, and worse yet, they all look the same-with blank texture-less walls. Yippee. The control and camera problems from Mega Man Legends return, further hampering your enjoyment of the game. The graphics aren't horrible, just a little dated. Capcom smoothed out some of the jagged edges from the Playstation version, but it still looks a little blurry and old. The sound is nothing to get excited over, but it's not all bad.

If you are a die-hard Mega Man fan without a Playstation (which you should get because all the newer Mega Man games are on PS-X), I'd still say this really isn't worth it. The plot didn't come of as traditional Mega Man, nor did the gameplay, and neither really excited me. It's a decent game overall, but too many negatives turned me off personally.

By Craig Lupienski - 01/01/01
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