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Mega Man Legends 2

Developer: Capcom | Publisher: Capcom
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 10/24/00 | Genre: Platform

I should begin by saying that I'm probably THE most partisan person when it comes to the Mega Man series. That little blue bomber has graced my heart with his shiney blue helmet and saucy blue armor. I'm a huge Mega Man (or 2K as we true Mega Man fanatics like to call him. 'cause MM is an acronym for Mega Man, and 2000 is the numeric representation of the Roman numeral MM, and 2K is the shortened version of 2000) fan ever since the day of HeatMan, ColdMan, GutsMan, and all those other ingenious names that were thought up by little Timmy in kindergarten while teacher urged the importance of not soiling your pants. So Capcom hasn't had the most innovative names for their enemies, and so Dr. Wily invented the robots of opposite elementals that lead to their individual demise once MegaMan busted a cap. If Dr. Wily just invented an army of HeatMen, there'd be no stopping him. But no. ColdMan. It's not like we could learn from past mistakes. No. He did this on about 25 games that spanned 13 platforms. What college gave this guy his Doctor surname? Where was I? Ah yes. I'm a Mega Man fan.

I COULD go nuts and say this is the best game ever 'cause it's Mega Man, but I won't. Graphically, Storyline, and Game Play in this game is a little better than mediocre. Graphics for the most part are Anime-esque and actually very cool in cinemas, but in the depths of dungeons where every wall panel is the same in all directions, you get to realize how little innovation went into level design. Makes me nostalgic of those old Eye of the Beholder games where after a few dungeon levels, the wall panels changed colors. And the people rejoiced. Mega Man looks sweet, but his suit doesn't change colors like in the 2D games. I miss the amazing green and pink or yellow and tangerine costumes he dons. That brings me to another point. The game's in 3D which is a pretty swell change from the ordinary platform of ordinary Mega Man games. I approve.

Sound is good if only because of the voice-overs which are rather well-done. So everyone sounds like they're 12 year old girls. Big deal. Sound effects are what you'd expect (aside from the HIGHLY annoying sound of Mega Man's shoes. It sounds like those Nike commercials). Music is not very good as it's cartoony and won't knock your socks off. It's one of those where you'd want to null the BGM and play your own music. Styx, Donny Osmond, Kathy Lee.. whatever you people listen to.

Storyline's same ol'. Collect keys to rescue the world! If I had a nickel for everytime I've had to do that, I'd have 6 nickels. Half-way through the game I just quit finding keys and bought gifts for Roll. I wanted to score with that fine piece of woman, but all she ever says is "Thank you, Mega Man!" then charges me money to get my weapons upgraded. The nerve! Now that I'm on the topic of Roll, since she was created at the same time as Mega Man by the same time, doesn't that make them siblings? You'd think so but there are undertones of romance in MML2. Hey, maybe inbreeding is accepted between robots. Like England. Characters are also nothing new. Their demeanors are used countless times in past games. They big dumb guy who wants to kill Mega Man, the skilled warrior who's super Fonzie cool, the ultra bad guy bent on taking over the world for whatever reason, and the little monkey that does.. the monkey.. and saves your game for you. Okay so maybe that last one's relatively original, but the others are overdone.

Gameplay has many RPG elements such as buying new weapons, health, and armor. Also getting healed by a monkey. Whee. Upgrading your weapons and finding parts to make new weapons is a savvy idea which is a plus. Controls are absolutely horrible. The camera is all f-ed up. You gotta rotate it with L1 and R1, then center it with circle and flatten it with R2. Running around turns into a hassle after a while. There is a Zelda-ish lock-on feature that comes in handy, but for no reason at all it switches between targets and switching to the target you want seems completely random. Very frustrating. Not a good thing for my bleeding ulcer. Can any of you say that Mega Man hospitalized you? I can.

So all-in-all is was a good game, but not worth my money. There are plenty of more worthwhile platform 3D adventures to check out in that great big world of ours. It was fun while it lasted, though, but that could be the Mega Man fan in me talking. I'd say check out this game if you're either:

A) A fan of the genre

B) A fan of Mega Man (or 2K)

C) Tony Danza

I'll give this a C for a standard storyline with okay graphics, okay sound, and horrid controls. It would have been a C+ if it weren't for that little monkey that seems to pop up everywhere and heal me. If he can get down in the dungeons right in front of the room with the dungeon boss faster than me and still have the strength to heal me, why don't he kill the stinkin' boss?

By John Schulz - 08/01/01
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