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Mega Man X5

Developer: Capcom | Publisher: Capcom
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 02/01/01 | Genre: Platform

Ahh... Good old Mega Man (or Rock Man for the Japanese). Here is yet again ANOTHER Mega Man game from those redundant folks at Capcom. Now don't get me wrong I love Mega Man as much as the next guy but I'm getting a bit tired of it. Its always the same deal…8 robots, you get their weapons by destroying them, fight them all one after the other before the last few battles, later rinse repeat.

The X series of games is no different. Sure, you get to use Zero in most of them (this one as well) and he's cool. All tough with his green light saber and such, but COME ON! It's always the same. Sure, some of you would say, "Well, that's why it's such a classic" Well, this series is almost as old as I am last time I checked. 14 years old if I did my research right and it hasn't changed one bit. With the exception of the Legends games the series has not done a single thing different since it began in 1987. Ok, the graphics and sound have improved and so has the animation…but please…after 14 years I would expect maybe a bit more of a tweak in the core of the game. Now I'm sure you are saying, "Well if it bores you so much why did you buy it?" Well, partly because there was nothing else out that looked good and because I wanted to see if they had done anything different.

Big surprise. They didn't. What is good about this game is that it's still more fun for a few hours then some games I have played. Yes, I find the Mega Man games fun yet redundant. The same core formula has not changed. They did add one thing that is a bit refreshing that involves the story a bit. A time limit. Here's the deal. A space colony is crashing to earth and you have 16 hours to prevent it. How it works is every time you choose a stage to play it subtracts 1 hour. So if we do our math that's 2 try's at each of the 8 stages. In each stage there is of course the boss robot that you must destroy and for destroying it you get his weapon and a part for the Enigma Cannon. The Enigma cannon is what you use to destroy the colony and you can fire it at any point in the game from the stage select screen. The more parts you collect the better you will do. Here is the problem with this…there are 4 parts and 8 bosses and they tell you which bosses have the parts, so no challenge there to find them. Now if the cannon fails to destroy the colony then you have a Plan B. The plan B is this. Put together a space shuttle to fly into the colony destroying it.

So take a wild guess where you get the parts for the shuttle? That's correct! The other 4 bosses (also conveniently pointed out to you) So they manage to put in a bit of a cool concept and ruin it at the same time by taking away all sense of urgency by telling you point blank where to start.

Other then the somewhat neat concept of a time limit (which also becomes completely pointless once you try to destroy the colony with the shuttle) the game is the same as Mega Man through Mega Man X4. Destroy 8 bosses, destroy some tough final bosses, fight the same 8 again and then the final boss. Whoopee.

Mega Man is an awesome series over all and its one of the longest running series out there now. What Capcom needs to do is inject some change into it and it would be truly awesome. Here is my final comparison. Look at the original Super Mario Bros and then compare it to Super Mario 64. Now take the original Mega Man and compare it to Mega Man X5. I think my point is very clear.

By William Maddock - 08/01/00
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