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Metal Gear Solid

Developer: Kojima Productions | Publisher: Konami
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 10/21/98 | Genre: Action

Playing Metal Gear Solid for Game Boy Color you get a real appreciation for the kinds of programmers that the general game players of the world have been blessed with, and the thought that an idea like playing a deep and complex game like MGS on a portable cart based system even got off the ground at all.

It's just like taking the Playstation version and jamming all that into a NES without losing much in the terms of game play and plot.

Now, don't go thinking that this is a port of MGS to play on a Game Boy. Although the stories are very similar. Snake is still called upon by the Government to save the world from a gigantic nuclear missal platform, called Metal Gear. (sound familiar?) The similarities in plot end there. It's like stepping into an alternate universe that still contains the same alias that helped Snake in the PSX version... such as the Carnal and MayLin, but takes you for a different kind of ride.

MGS takes all the action, espionage, complex story line and thrills from one of the best games of the decade for the Playstation... and turns it around to somehow fit an aging 8bit system giving us possibly the KING of all Game Boy Color games.

The controls are made simple and moving through your inventory for items is very easy to get along with. In fact, I can see no fault anywhere "gameplay speaking" and with the special tutorial/training missions (like in MGS for PSX) you soon master the use of the weapons in the game and the paramount knowledge of sneaking around them pesky guards. As for the complexity of the missions and levels I find that to have a deeper learning curve. Although I found no trouble getting around Guards and cameras the puzzles can be murder, especially on a system that's been considered to be for the "kiddies". One such case. Mid-way through the game Snake is faced with a puzzle in a huge warehouse, and the only way out is my using multi colored boxes to get passed scanners... and if your in the wrong box while you pass through the scan you are sent to the beginning of the level. Something that can get VERY old quickly after 10~50 try's. So, the only thing I can suggest to you to keep you from getting discouraged and stop playing the game is to pick up a player's guide someplace on the net or at a store.

This is a game you want to finish...

Much of the original music from MGS is reused in the Game Boy version and really drives home the point that... YES! you are playing Metal Gear Solid on a Game Bcy Color! Other then that, you won't really notice squeaks/pops that are the in-game sounds.

The character drawings and story animation is some of the best I have seen on 8-bit and very crisp and cool. Snake looks like he could kick your ass no matter what system one ports him to.

Unfortunately, as most of the game is played indoors, the background does get repetitious and you find yourself wishing for some new scenery after a point and may add to confession on not knowing where you are, if you put the game down and did not play for an extended period of time.

The game keeps its "War Games" story line and is geared towards a more adult audience and dabbles in PG-13 subject matter with little meddling by "Kid Safe Nintendo". Though, snakes cigarettes used to spot laser based traps are now "Foggers" just to keep kids from making the Smoking is cool connection.

All things considered... this game is an A+.

By Dominick Fleres - 08/15/01

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