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Metal Slug 7

Developer: SNK Playmore | Publisher: Ignition Entertainment
Players: 1+ Player Game | Release Date: 11/18/08 | Genre: Shooter

metalslug.jpgMetal Slug is a series known for fast and furious arcade action. Ever since its release in the Arcades and NEO GEO home console in the 90's players have been drawn to the fast-paced sprites with multiplayer support. Over the years, consoles have come and gone and SNK themselves have been through several changes. Despite changes in technology and consoles, more Metal Slug continues to be released. Now in the seventh incarnation of the franchise--Metal Slug 7 has arrived for the Nintendo DS. Does the fun continue in this handheld version?

Visually speaking, Metal Slug 7 won't impress anyone. The sprites are not smooth looking and the details leave a lot to be desired. There is a lot of appeal when it comes to "retro games." But the classic Metal Slug games have already been released this generation and there is no reason why the development of Metal Slug 7, for the Nintendo DS, could include graphics that are slightly more appealing looking. Despite the desire of wanting better graphics, the animation is still nice.

The Metal Slug franchise has always been known for incredibly fun multiplayer sessions. Nothing beats blasting away at "baddies" on the screen when you have a buddy sitting next to you helping you along the way. Given the necessity of multiplayer action, you would think that the first mode added during the planning of the the game would be the best way to implement the multiplayer modes. Since the DS has built in wireless and easy cartridge sharing features, this should be be a no-brainer. Not so in the world of Metal Slug 7. Players are given no option for a co-op mode. Sure the screen may be smaller and it could get a little crowded if a second player was added to the mix. But without multiplayer modes Metal Slug 7 just isn't as fun.

Like other titles in the franchise, Metal Slug is a 2D shooter that include fast action, lots of enemies, enormous bosses, and enough explosions and weapons to satisfy the soldier in you. Howver, without the inclusion of a multiplayer mode, Metal Slug 7 is just not as fun and hard to recommend. If you are looking for a solo experience, on the go, Metal Slug 7 might be worth a look. However, you probably can find enough enjoyment out of a weekend rental.

metalslug1.jpg metalslug2.jpg metalslug3.jpg metalslug4.jpg

Real Life Ratings
With a Teen Rating, Metal Slug 7 offers fast and furious action, on the Nintendo DS, with some blood and violence. Some may find the act of shooting others to be objectionable. However, if you can look past the mild blood and violence in Metal Slug 7, the game should be fine for Teens and older.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 12/12/08
ESRB Details: Blood, Violence

Screenshots for Metal Slug 7

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