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Microsoft E3 2014 Press Briefing

Phil Spencer takes the stage to welcome everyone to the Microsoft E3 briefing and they are here to talk about games.  This generation of games is off to the fastest start in the history of the industry. They are dedicating the entire briefing to games and they want to make the Xbox One the best place to play games this generation.

Xbox One will once again be the first to get Call of Duty Advanced Warfare content. This is the first game shown at the Press Briefing as well.  After a brief demo, I am intrigued to see more at our appointment with Activision on Wednesday of the show.

Next Dan Greenwalt comes on stage from Turn 10 Studios. They are bringing free DLC to Forza 5 today.

Ralph Fulton comes on stage next to talk about Forza Horizon 2 and it will be in 1080p. It is coming to Xbox on September 30. It includes Seamless multiplayer, open world, 200 cars, and more.

Up next is Evolve being shown in an on-screen demo trailer. 

Vincent Pontbriard is up to talk about Assassin’s Creed Unity that is exclusively available for next-generation consoles and PC. THe game features 4 player cooperative play and no release date is given.

Next is Bioware’s upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition coming on October 7 with exclusive content available on Xbox One.

Next up is Sunset Overdrive and Ted Price. He tells us that YOU are the heo and you will customize your character to save Sunset City. Ted Price controls the action on screen and destroys a big enemy called the Herker and he finishes shooting off a mini nuke to kill 50 enemies on screen.  There is also 8 Player cooperative play.  Sunset Overdrive is coming October 28, 2014.

Next up is a special Capcom Dead Rising 3 DLC for Xbox Live available now.  

Alex Rigopulos is up next from Harmonix. Dance Central Spotlight is coming this September as a download only title.

David Eckelberry is up next to talk about Fable Legends. This is a bold and innovative adventure according to Eckelberry. This will be a four player cooperative title and lets you even play as the villain. The villain gameplay is played from a bird’s eye viewpoint. The multiplayer beta begins this fall and you can sign up now at

Next up is a video for Project Spark--the creation game from Microsoft. And Conker will be in Project Spark.

Another video is playing and it is a 2D platformer called Ori the blind forest.

Halo music is playing and Master Chief is onscreen with Your Jounrey Begins.

Bonnie Ross comes on stage from 343 Studios and spoiling the end of Halo 4. On November 11, 2014, you can play Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It includes Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 in one box. There is a single disk with a seamless UI to play all content unlocked. Halo 2 will be getting the Anniversary Treatment and you can switch back and forth between new nad original at the touch of a button.  The original Halo 2 multiplayer will be included as well. There are over 100 multiplayer maps running 1080p 60 FPS in their original engines. There will also be 4,000 Gamer Score to earn.

Included with the collection is Halo Nightfall that will lead into Halo 5. This is a Live Action series directed by Ridley Scott.

Halo 5 Beta is coming with the Master Chief Collection.

Phil Spencer is back on stage and talking about investing in new IP. A trailer is shown of Inside a new 2D IP coming to ID @ Xbox.

ID @ Xbox is shown with a montage video of a bunch a indie games that are headed to Xbox One.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is shown for the first time.

CD Projekt Red takes the stage next to show The Witcher III Wild Hunt off. In the video we track a griffin and kill it.

Ken Lobb comes to the stage next to talk about a new game that they are bringing back. Phantom Dust is coming to Xbox One.

Ryan Barnard takes the stage to talk about Tom Clancy’s The Division and it will have new content First on Xbox One.

Platinum Games is bringing their next new game exclusively on Xbox One: Scalebound. 

David Jones comes to the stage next to talk about the return of a game exclusive to the Xbox One: Crackdown.

Phil Spencer is back on stage bragging about Platinum Games and Crackdown coming to Xbox One. He promises that this is just the beginning to make Xbox One the best place to play games. 

By Kaleb Rutherford - 06/09/14

Screenshots for Microsoft E3 2014 Press Briefing

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