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Motocross Mania

Developer: Deibus Studios | Publisher: Take Two Interactive
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 07/01/01 | Genre: Driving

The PSone is far from being dead. Anyone who thought that the PSone would become a useless paperweight once the PlayStation 2 arrived is crazy. In fact, the PSone is actually lasting longer than the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. That's because of all the great games being released for it throughout the year, including Take 2 Interactive's Motocross Mania. Retailing for $9.99 -- 1/5 the cost of the average PSone game five years ago (and $4 less than the average music CD), Motocross Mania is a cost-efficient game that'll give you more entertainment than two game rentals.

The first thing anyone notices about a game is how it looks. Even though it's running on hardware that is nearly six years old (the original PlayStation was released in Japan in 1994), Motocross Mania's graphics are clean and smooth. Being a racing game with loads of speed, it's very important that the framerate doesn't drop. Well, I am happy to say that MM's framerate stays consistent regardless of how fast you're going or how much action appears on the screen. The bikers are pretty detailed and never seem to pixelate.

No gamer can get enough speed, that's for sure. The thrill of high-speed racing is like no other, and Motocross Mania really delivers. The action is non-stop; when dirt hills aren't launching you 30 feet in the air, you're avoiding crashes while navigating sharp corners or struggling to speed past the competition and finish the race first. The excitement is heightened even more when you perform a stunt, change to the stunt cam view and try to land it without crashing! It feels nearly impossible at times, but with a little practice, you'll be a champ performing tons of crazy stunts that make your friends jealous. They too can learn how to be a stunt-master... but they gotta buy the game first!

Developer Deibus Studios programmed the controls so that they'd be easy to use for both hard-core and casual gamers. The set-up is very familiar: the X button accelerates your bike; hit square to brake; hold down the triangle button to activate your rearview; and press circle to change the camera. You can also use the right analog stick to brake and accelerate (press down to brake, press up to accelerate). L2/R2 are used to perform stunts. Hold down either of the two shoulder buttons or both and press the analog stick in various directions to execute a Barhop, No Hander, Lazy Boy, Nac Nac and other cool tricks. The more stunts you perform, the more stunt points you'll gain, allowing you to unlock even more stunts. Press L1 to switch to the left stunt cam view, and press R1 to switch to the right stunt cam view. Hold down L1 and R1 for an awesome stunt cam view. Just be sure to release the buttons before you land or you might crash.

Motocross Mania is a great dirt bike stunt/racing game. The gameplay is a blast, especially the Championship mode. It's really enjoyable to play and is one of the best dirt bike games out there; it's faster, more exciting and a whole lot more entertaining than Excitebike 64. And the price certainly can't be beat. Excitebike 64 retailed for $60 when it was released, but Motocross Mania is only ten bucks! What more could you want?

By Louis Bedigian - 08/10/00
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