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NCAA Gamebreaker 2000

Developer: Red Zone Ent | Publisher: 989 Sports
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 07/31/99 | Genre: Sports

When you first sit down and play this one, you might think that you were playing the '99 version, but after a while you will realize that 989 sat down and beefed up the features and the authenticity. When I say beefed up authenticity, I'm talking about the game's plays, which were designed by UCLA head coach Bob Toledo. These plays are different than the other plays that you would find in another football game like Gameday 2k (yuck). The plays are unique, in that you won't be using the same play over and over again for a different team; you have to use a different play.

One of the features that I really enjoyed was the play editor among others; this allows you to assign certain routes to all of your receivers. The only beef about it though was that it won't let you do anything crazy, but other than that I thought that it was pretty intuitive.

For those of us who liked to use the play editor, then the career mode is the perfect complement. This dandy little feature will allow you to test your coaching skills at a small school in hopes of bringing them out of the ashes and into title contention. Now, depending on how well you do at that school, you can get a job offer from another school, be promoted, or you can get the axe. If your really into the simulation aspect of football, this feature will surely satisfy your football appetite, the casual fan might try this out for a while and come to find out this isn't their cup of tea. Now the grand finale of this cool feature is you can transfer your graduating seniors onto Gameday 2k ala Madden.

Ok, let me get atop my soapbox and crucify this game for a second. One of the most stupid things that these guys put in are the silly celebrations and the show-off animations. Every time you complete a play you can celebrate and do a little dance, make a little noise, get down tonight. (Couldn't help it). Anyway I understand if you make a good play, but common all the damn time, give me a break. The one thing that I can't understand is why this game has a show-off button. First off, the show-off animations are just like the celebrations and every time you do one of them you get penalized 15 yards for it.

The AI, gameplay and the control are pretty much like last year's version, which is pretty good in my book because of the total control passing and running in this game is very good. One thing that I like about the gameplay is the ability to use advanced and simplified controls in the game, this way you're given a chance to familiarize yourself and make some moves without learning much. Overall, the control isn't much improved from last year, but it is still tighter in some minute areas.

Now graphically, the game is a lot cleaner in some areas, but just like Gameday, the players are constantly walking into each other, and their collision modeling is all messed up. When you do a wrap tackle, it looks as if you pass right through them and then hit them for the tackle. Why can't they just improve on the collision modeling??????? Another complaint is the feet, they look as if they were skating about to pull a triple axle. While the sliding and the slipping don't detract from the gameplay, they really do get very bothersome and could turn some people away from making this their purchase.

What good is a college football game without the sound? This year the play-by-play is provided by Keith Jackson, which is very fresh and keeps with the action quite nicely. The ambient music, noise from the crowd, and the sound effects, really give you the impression that you are at the game.

Overall, Gamebreaker 2k is a step in the right direction, and if you are a fan of the series, you might enjoy all of the little nuances that were added. If you're just the casual gamer, you might want to rent it and see what you think.

By Antoine Byrd - 08/01/00
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