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Developer: Visual Concepts | Publisher: Sega
Players: 1 to 4 Player Game | Release Date: 01/09/02 | Genre: Sports

How do you like it? Do you like it slow? Like most, I want mine rough and fast. And for the many of you who're wondering, I'm talking about the bed-shaking, controller-vibrating, fast-paced world of NFL 2K2 for the Xbox. Almost everything about this game is the greatest.

Evolved from the Dreamcast series that me and the 쨯meboyssed to loath around playing, this game is still among the top of the ranks. The game is dripping with graphics and it has instant replays that have touched me in ways I've never been touched! Another nice thing about the Xbox version is that the graphics have been greatly improved over the PS2 version.

The sound is great. The fact that they have humorous comments after some of the plays are just handy whenever you want to rub touchdowns in the faces of your friends!

The graphics are astounding and very comparable to the graphics of Madden 2002. When I play NFL 2K2, it is a rush of adrenaline straight from the kickoff. This game is quick. After I got done playing it, I played Madden 2002

By Jerel Singh - 03/13/02
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NFL Blitz 20-02