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NFL Blitz 20-02

Developer: Point of View | Publisher: Midway
Players: 1 to 4 Player Game | Release Date: 03/18/02 | Genre: Sports

Playing the latest games is usually a fun and enjoyable experience. After playing a great game, it is very easy to write about it. However, after playing NFL Blitz 20-02 for the Game Boy Advance, I am unsure if I can express how poor it is. This title is so bad; I honestly have no idea why a great publisher like Midway would release it.

Let be honest, there has never been a good NFL game on the Game Boy. However, when I heard Midway was developing an "all new" version of Blitz for the Game Boy Advance, with new features, I was hopeful that Blitz 20-02 could capture all the fun and excitement of the Playstation version. What did Midway have in mind for the GBA version of Blitz 20-02? Helene Sheeler, the VP of Marketing at Midway had this to say: "The Game Boy Advance has allowed us to bring even more attitude and over-the-top action to the handheld NFL Blitz series. Delivering advanced graphics to its proprietary blend of authentic NFL football; with 'no rules' gameplay and 'no mercy' attitude is what makes NFL Blitz 20-02 a must-have for gamers and football fans alike." After playing Blitz, Sheeler should have said that NFL Blitz 20-02 for the GBA delivers advanced stick figure graphics with no gameplay that is no fun to play.

Graphically, Blitz 20-02 is decent at best. The players look more like stick figures that you used to draw as a kid than pro football players. Even worse is the animation. Players don't appear to be running at all. After the play is over, all the players on the screen begin to breathe deeply-all at the same time! Never in my life have I ever seen synchronized breathing� until now!

Still, there are more problems with Blitz 20-02. Tackles are impossible to control and players come from nowhere to make big plays. Every game I played the computer player always had a blocker running behind a receiver-even if there was only one player on that side of the field. These mystery blockers really are just that-a mystery. But when tackling is such an act of luck whether there is one blocker or none, scoring is a simple process. One pass touchdown drives are very common. The mystery of the missing defense is Blitz 20-02 is not the biggest annoyance with the title. There is no two player option. Playing Blitz alone is like trying to walk a dog without a dog.

NFL Blitz 20-02 is a game that should have never been released. While I am confident the Playstation 2, GameCube, and Xbox versions will be excellent, the Game Boy Advance version is a title you want to avoid.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 03/15/02
ESRB Details: Violence

Screenshots for NFL Blitz 20-02

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