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NFL Blitz 2000

Developer: Midway | Publisher: Midway
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 07/31/99 | Genre: Sports

Well, the king of the deranged arcade football game is back, this time with a ton of new updates and additions. I must say after reviewing NFL2k, I was excited to finally get my hands on a copy of NFL Blitz 2000. Now that I have it and am playing it religiously, I must say that this version is so much better than its predecessor.

After spending endless hours of playing this game, I have to say that the gameplay is right on, like the last version. The home port of Blitz 2k brings all of the big tackles and the crazy sayings. I just love the sound of broken bones in the morning, don't you? The gameplay this year has more plays, options, awesome presentation, and a multiplayer feature. Midway couldn't have done any better this year in the gameplay department.

The minds of Midway read my mind this year when the implemented more plays into the game. This year you have a choice of over 27 offensive sets to choose from, plus you'll have nine more of your own. You can't possibly need any more than that. With these new plays, you should have no problem ripping up the competition. Along with these new plays, hand-offs, short plays, and the acclaimed multiple pass, add to the arcade flavor. I have had lots of fun just toying with the defense, they are always scrambling around trying to figure out who has the ball. Another aspect of this that I like is the play design. It's smarter in that you can't always just run the ball up the gut, you actually have to think and create the formation that is best for you and the team. The defensive AI has also been tweaked to give you that extra competition that lacked last year's version. This year the defense can smell the run and they're faster on the blitz as well.

Now I'm going talk about one of my favorite things about this game, the play-editor. Last year this darling little feature was only available on the Nintendo 64. This year, players will have the ability to create over nine offensive and defensive plays at one time. You will also be able to edit already-made plays--or just create your own and save them onto your VMU. The only drawback about this feature is that when your playing the game, you can't see the plays on the screen, you have to memorize them, which is a little hard when you have guys coming at you like a pack of rabid dogs. Luckily, this game has a lot more balance to it. This year the game is hard right from the start. The players still have all of the stats that they had from the arcade. The gods of Midway also tossed in a little variety. For those who like to pass the ball, you can still do it, the Blitz Passing allows the player to assign a button to a receiver, so you have a nice simple touch. They also put in a new punt meter that gives you more control over the play.

Just like the version in the arcade, this year's Blitz 2k supports the four-person multiplayer game, two on a team. Players can still "get on fire," two new teams have been added, and there are new rosters. I liked the Dreamcast version far more than the N64 and PSX versions because the play is smooth and fast, there are more movies and FMV sequences, animations are faster, and it looks and plays sharper on the DC.

The graphics this year are so much better than any version of Blitz I've seen. Compared to the machine in the arcade, the players look sharp and there is no slowdown whatsoever. The new tackle and touchdown animations are superb. Midway has done an excellent job in porting this game by adding a few things that make it a lot deeper in the gameplay department.

Even with all of the graphics and the gameplay, you can't have a good football game without sound, and this game delivers. The announcer is back and he is better than ever, with new additions and more comedy. Even the players get into the act with off the wall chatter.

If you were a fan of the first game, what can I say--buy the second. While NFL Blitz 2k doesn't jump leaps and bounds over last year's game, it filled up all the things that it needed to. This game is balanced, deeper, and still as much fun as the first one. If you aren't the kind of person who is into the simulation games like Madden and QB Club, this is the game for you.

By Antoine Byrd - 08/15/99
ESRB Details: Animated Violence, Mild Language

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