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Nintendo's E3 2008 Press Conference

Oh Nintendo, what will we do with you? This year they didn’t even attempt to grab the hardcore gamer in their press conference... ok well, they attempted, but failed miserably. According to Reggie in an interview on G4 just after their press briefing, Animal Crossing with online support and GTA on DS was their proof that they hadn’t forgot about the hardcore. Come on Reggie, really?

For me the biggest disappointment, apart from the fact that there wasn’t any big game announcement, was that Wii Music looks like crap. I really expected to be impressed by it but it appears to be glorified air guitar... but with the addition of drums, sax, and a many other instruments. There just doesn’t seem to be any “game” there, you just hit buttons or slam the wiimote like a drum stick, and it plays music. I don’t get it. I really hope there is more to it than what we were shown.

Animal Crossing is only game they showed that I’m even remotely excited for. I was a huge Animal Crossing fan on the GCN, so with online play and a voice chat support, Animal Crossing: City Folk is definitely something I plan on picking up. I just wish they did a little more with the visuals as right now it doesn’t look any better, or different, than the GCN version.

If I were to choose a “winner” for the press conferences, I think Sony and Microsoft are clearly battling it out for first place. To me MS had the single most surprising announcement, but Sony had the best lineup of games, as unorganized as their presentation felt.  And Nintendo... well I enjoyed EA’s press conference more than Nintendo. Not much else to say.

By David Doel - 07/17/08

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