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Nyko 8 MB Memory Card

Developer: | Publisher: Nyko
Players: | Release Date: 05/12/17 | Genre: Accessory

The most important thing in a gamer's life (aside from the games themselves) is having enough memory cards to store all their files. I can't tell you how many times I've bought or rented a game, popped it in my system and played for a few hours, only to be abruptly interrupted when I try to save. I now find out that I don't have enough space (if any at all) to save my game. Because of the exorbitant MSRP Sony gave their own memory cards, I was unable to purchase more than one. What an awful predicament this put me in. I must save my game or else all of the progress I made in Zone of the Enders will be lost. To save, I must turn off the PlayStation 2 and delete some files. But if I turn it off, I'll have to start all over again! In other words, I'm screwed. Even if I had remembered to delete some files ahead of time, I would've had to say goodbye to Tekken Tag Tournament, Onimusha or something else I'd rather not part with.

If only I had known about Nyko's 8MB PlayStation 2 Memory Card. It packs as much storing space as Sony's memory card and is five bucks cheaper. That extra five bucks could be put aside to help buy more cards when you need them, more games or spent on a rental at Blockbuster.

Unlike other third party cards, Nyko's 8MB Memory Card is licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment America. And believe me, this card wasn't licensed just so they could add a flashy sticker to the packaging, it was licensed because this is a true-quality product, one that has been given Sony's seal of approval. It performs just as good as Sony's memory cards, saving and loading without a single drop in speed.

I've had various memory cards in the past that were very hard to insert or remove from the system, which is one of the reasons why third party cards have been given a bad rap in the past. Nyko's PS2 memory card, on the other hand, should silence the critics and put an end to all complaints. The
rubber grips ensure that you'll never have a problem removing the card from your PlayStation 2. Really though, the card inserts so smoothly that even without the rubber grips, you'd still have no problem removing it. The plastic casing is just as sturdy as Sony's, if not sturdier. This card was designed with the highest of quality, no doubt.

Nyko's 8MB Memory Card is compatible with all PlayStation 2 software utilities, including cheat devices that require the use of a memory card to save your codes and InterAct's Memory Manager Plus, a software program that allows you to compress files for storing.

Nyko's President, Herschel Naghi, sums it up best, saying, "The Nyko Memory Card will be ideal for demanding gamers searching for a reliable and affordable alternative to the original." And he is exactly right. This memory card is very reliable. You don't have to worry about losing that insanely high score of yours in Crazy Taxi, or ever have to say goodbye to that gorgeous town you built in Dark Cloud, because Nyko's card saves every file on it for as long as you want. I am extremely pleased with this product. Once you try Nyko's 8MB Memory Card, you'll never want to buy another brand again.

By Louis Bedigian - 08/01/00

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