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Developer: LucasArts | Publisher: LucasArts
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 12/19/01 | Genre: Action

Well, Obi-Wan has finally arrived on the Xbox. Unfortunately he's a bit late, not very well prepared, and basically looks like a big dork next to the Xbox's killer launch line up. Sad, but true, Obi-Wan has the word "rushed" written all over it.

LucasArts actually held its long-awaited Xbox title back a week or two, but apparently that wasn't long enough. We can deal with delays, but developers need to at least make sure the wait is worth it. This is just not the case with Obi-Wan. The game was obviously rushed to market in order to cash in during the holiday season. Anyone who found this game in their stocking on Christmas morning is surely wondering why Santa didn't just bring them a lovely lump of cole instead. A lump of cole, while traditionally only given to naughty girls and boys, is far more useful and entertaining than this game.

Obi-Wan is plagued with problems from start to finish. It's really a shame too because there is a lot of wasted potential here. First of all, the graphics are far below what the Xbox is capable of pushing out and you could even argue that the N64 could handle most of the game's visuals. The game's sound isn't bad, you really can't go wrong with the awesome Star Wars tunes, and the lightsaber sounds just like a lightsaber should. By far the game's worst offense is the unfinished feel to it. Nearly everytime you pull out your lightsaber the game will freeze for just a second. It's only a short skip, but when it happens as often as it does, it becomes a major issue. That's not all though, once in the middle of gameplay, the game stopped completely and a message came up that said, "please insert an Xbox game disc" or something to that effect. I simply hit reset and started from my last save without another hitch. However, this should not have happened at all in the first place. Not a single one of the other Xbox games I own has ever done this.

I know everything so far has been negative, but to say that the game was a complete waste of everyone's time is far from the truth. For one, handling a lightsaber is done beautifully in Obi-Wan, and making cool use of the force is easier than ever before. Also, in the later stages you get to see the Xbox recreate some cool scenes from the Episode I movie, it doesn't look that great, but its cool none the less. This game has huge potential, but ultimately falls flat because of several glaring flaws that simply cannot be overlooked. Hopefully, next time the developers will take their time and actually bother to debug the game before it ships to retail.

By Ryan Schaefer - 01/09/02
ESRB Details: Violence

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