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Developer: Bungie Software | Publisher: Rockstar Games
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 01/28/01 | Genre: Action

Though Oni was released late by Bungie Software, it has many features to brag about. It contains revolutionary new ideas for 3rd person gaming. The game takes place in the fictitious world where you are an agent of the TCTF, which is the police body of a World Government. You are known as Konoko. Not much is given about who you are in the beginning of the game. As the game progresses, you find out many clues about where you came from. The game follows a very anime type storyline but is very fluid and progresses along well throughout the game.

The primary thing that sets Oni apart from other 3rd person games, is the fact that the controls are easy to master after about 20 minutes of gameplay. Oni features many moves from simple jabs to complex throws which can also be mastered. As the game progresses, you learn more moves to help defeat increasingly difficult opponents. Oni also provides a line of weaponry from the pistol to grenade-launcher type weapons. The switching between guns and using your fighting moves are as simple as key press. The AI may be stupid at times....but don't underestimate them. If they come at you in numbers, try to back them off or you could find yourself in trouble. Enemies will shoot at you with any weapon they can find. They may even punch you out to take your weapon and use it against you. They will shoot at you even if it means shooting one of their own. They can also be erratic making it difficult for you to predict where they will go next. The graphics in the game are pretty good and work with most video cards with a few flaws. The higher end video card...the more awesome the game is. Oni has major potential for a sequel.

There are many flaws to Oni as well. Oni had massive multiplayer potential...but because Bungie did not wish to delay the release any longer, they scrapped multiplayer. Also even though the storyline is very good, the levels get repetitive. Some levels go down to 1. Run and kill one guy 2. Flip a switch 3 Run through open door and go back to step one. Graphics wise, beware and read about the known issues because Oni has small issues with many different cards. An example of a more serious problem would be using an ATI Radeon brand card with Windows 2000 without the proper drivers. Another graphics issue is when you hit a person into a wall. If they die, half their body stays on one side while the other half comes out the other side. Another bug would be if you are standing next to a wall and if you turn to the right direction, you can see the other side of the wall as well. The game save feature can also get irritating. You can't save the game whenever you want but you have to find game save points which tend to be at critical points of a level. The last downside is simply a matter of opinion but I found that the way your opponents sometimes call out their attacks is really corny...something like Power Rangers.

Even Though Oni does have its downsides. It is an amazing game.

By Tabin Ahmad - 12/12/01
ESRB Details: Animated Violence

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