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Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

Developer: Bohemia International | Publisher: Codemasters
Players: 1+ Player Game | Release Date: 07/10/02 | Genre: Shooter

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis helped define the realistic First Person Shooter. It is often said, "if a player likes the game, they will like the expansion". Companies know this, which is why the market can get flooded with expansion packs (just look at The Sims). What the real dividing line for an expansion is, "Is it more of the same"? I believe Bohemia Interactive took a look at their expansion for Operation Flashpoint and decided to get a little bold.

This expansion, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance focuses on the life of Victor Troska, a retired Soviet Special Forces Commando, who gave up the rifle for a quiet life on the independent island nation of Nogova. No sooner had Victor pitched his hammock in the backyard had the Soviet Army appeared on Nogova's shore. He is given a choice, to fight with the rebels or support the Soviet troops. Inevitably he will end up fighting for the resistance though. The game adds 20 campaign missions, 9 multiplayer missions, and 5 single player missions. Of course, the expansion offers a ton of new toys and locales to enjoy. The events of the expansion are actually set several years before Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis.

The expansion ventures away from the standard game by the very nature of resistance fighting. The player must learn to fight a guerilla war against the invading Soviets. This means that none of your assets are expendable. You quickly learn to grab every weapon, and conserve ammunition. Many of the missions will focus on gathering resources for the resistance. During missions, Victor Troska must be very careful with his troops as well. If a mission takes heavy losses, then they cannot be replaced easily. The resistance does have the advantage of an indigenous population, who know their way around Nogova.

Resource gathering is a must if the resistance is to survive. Players will quickly learn they must outwit their opponent as well. The use of feints and ambushes to draw out the enemy can be critical when Victor Troska finds himself out-manned and outgunned. The vehicle mode is not neglected. It can be quite exciting to steal vehicles and make a mad dash across the countryside. The graphics are better since they enhanced their engine. The texturing and smoothness of 3d images is quite noticeable. Cutscenes are also better and add real depth to the campaign. The mission editor is a nice added bonus too.

Players who found the original style of play to be a much-needed change in the PC FPS genre will not be disappointed. All of the aspects of the original game are maintained and each is enhanced gracefully. Bohemia Interactive could have released a "typical" expansion (more gadgets, a few more campaign missions, and a few multiplayer levels), but instead give us an expansion that almost warrants its own private title. The expansion is intuitive and gives a new spin on Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. So, to answer my earlier question, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance is not more of the same. Pure and simple, it is a great expansion.

By Jay Waschak - 08/12/02
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