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Otterbox Goes Lighter and Better

Developer: Otterbox | Publisher: Otterbox
Players: N/A | Release Date: 05/12/17 | Genre: Accessory

Otterbox is the brand of cases folks turn to when they need something to protect the devices they love. I have recommended them in the past and though they add some bulk to the device, it is well worth it. To help ensure that the brand is no longer associated with bulk, Otterbox has released a new line of cases in a series called Reflex that create a single layer of air but still offer their standard "double layer" of protection. While not perfect, this case lives up to the Otterbox name.

We have spent some time with the $44.95 Black Reflex case with Black Rubber on the back. Otterbox also has the following two-toned colors available for the same price: Blue and Black, Pink and Black, and Khaki and Black. What sets the Reflex Series apart from the other Otterbox cases is they looked to the automobile industry for design inspiration. By creating an area of air, Otterbox was able to surround your iPhone with a "Reflex Zone" to absorb the shock and reduce the impact on the device. This allowed for a very light and minimal design but maximum protection. 

The case is made up of two parts: a top and bottom piece. The packaging also includes a sticky film to go over the front of the device. Though this requires a bit of work to place on and avoid any type of bubbles due to dust, it does keep the Reflex Series Otterbox from the issues I have always encountered on the Defender Series--Air Bubbles. In fact, I normally popped off the Defender Series film and used my own Invisible Shield or other screen protector in its place due to this problem. Not so on the Reflex Series. Once the film is in place, the iPhone fits nice and tight between the two pieces. A slight tug will pop off one of the sides if you need to place it in a dock or other type of accessory.

There are openings for the dock port, at the botom, the mute switch, on the side, the headphone ports, on the top, and the camera and flash, on the back. A Rubber section lines the back of the case and this is where the "Reflex Zone" is. You will also find the volume buttons and power button with a rubber coating of protection Also, the front of the case has a lip to protect from a direct drop. 

I find that the Otterbox Reflex Series gives a perfect balance between sleek design and protection. With a lightweight approach, the team over at Otterbox have outdone themselves with a case that I would easily recommend to anyone else. This is the case to get for your iPhone. You can learn more by visiting their website.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 07/30/11

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