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Pac-Man World Rally (Pre-E3 2006)

Developer: Smart Bomb Int | Publisher: Namco Bandai
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: Driving

Release Date: 08/22/06

pac1.jpgSo if you are anything like me, one of the questions keeping you up at night is how is Namco going to reincarnate Pac-Man to keep the franchise going. No? Not like me at all? That’s okay, not everyone can be this cool. Anyway, the answer to the question is in the form of the next Pac-Man title, Pac-Man World Rally.

Pac-Man has rolled and chomped his way through the last two decades and is finally entering into this century. He is getting a car! In World Rally, Pac-Man is putting the pedal to the metal (don’t you need feet for that?) and becoming a kart racer, joining the ranks of other classic characters like Mario and well, Crash Bandicoot. Of course, it is not just Pac-Man that is fully maneuverable in this title, he is joined by the typical PM rank and file, including the famous Ms, all of the ghosts, and even those crazy diggers from Dig-Dug. The biggest bonus for me, though, is the fact that the ghosts drive Pole Position replica cars.

pac2.jpg pac3.jpg

The gameplay is simple, with weapons to pick up and attack other players, better cornering with drifting (think Ridge Racer) and the penultimate for any PM game, little yellow dots. If you get enough of these as you speed around the track, everything else on the track will turn into PM’s favorite food- blue ghosts. I just hope they keep those trippy ghost eyes. The fruit also makes an appearance, opening up a special shortcut when one is eaten. Mom always said bananas were good for you.

The levels are extremely colorful and, as would be hoped, the controls are simple. Each level has something different to offer and makes the game that much more fun. The weapons are varied and powerful (but not too powerful) and can change the outcome of a race in the bleep of a Galaga missile. Yep. You can use Galaga props to maim the other racers. Of course, in the unseen violence of coin-op arcade games.

pac4.jpg pac5.jpg

Whether you are a fan of racing games or of Pac-Man, you should find something that draws you back into that magical, mystical world of Pac-Man and his friends. It appeals to the kid in all of us. Keep it here as we get more news of this really fun title.

By Emily Rutherford - 05/03/06
ESRB Details: Mild Cartoon Violence

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