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Perfect Dark

Developer: Rare | Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1 to 4 Player Game | Release Date: 05/22/00 | Genre: FPS

Hey, who turned out the light? No, the words "Perfect Dark" do not allude to a small bedroom with the shades shut. "Perfect Dark" refers to Agent Joanna Dark. No, she's not related to Britney Spears, but I think that she's James Bond's fourth cousin. She was a complicated woman... and no one understood her but herself ... Joanne Dark. Her first assignment as Agent dark is to infiltrate the DataDyne Corporation, in this semi-sequel to the 1998 smash hit Goldeneye 007.

There are a lot of weapons and technologies, just as in Goldeneye. You can use over 40 weapons! Moreover, quite of the weapons, you can use double-handed also! When I played, I found myself using the ZZT [9mm] in both hands. In addition, there are many technologies, some of which include Night Sight (which lets you see in the dark), Door Decoder (which lets you get into electronically locked doors) and much, much more!

Now, if you have a life, then you should have at least three friends. Now you'll need to call them to come over, because of the awesome multi-player capabilities of this game! You can have up to four human players and up to eight computer bots! There are different types of computer bots. I'll just name a few because there are so many. First, there is the MeatSim. Now, no matter how beat up you are or how bad your condition is, you can easily kill a MeatSim. They just run around as if they were one of the "three blind mice". Then there's the EasySim, which isn't all that smart, but actually fights back. There's the DarkSim that is smarter and better than you are. It's hard to take one of these one-on-one. Then there's my favorite, the PeaceSim, which is just people running around picking up weapons. If you kill a PeaceSim, you'll get a butt-load of weapons! There's the PreySim that just tries to kick the butt of the person with the least amount of weapons! Then there's the FeudSim, which follow you around everywhere you go!

Now, there are so many features in this game, that I would get a migraine-and-a-half trying to name them all. Nevertheless, if you're the lonely type, then I suggest you run out and get this game, because it's the best value for it's cost, considering all the options that come in it. Even though you'll need an Expansion Pak, it is well worth it when you play this well-designed game. The music is great and the graphics are insanely detailed, so I don't know why you are still sitting here reading this for, go out and play!

By Jerel Singh - 07/10/01
ESRB Details: Animated Blood, Animated Violence

Screenshots for Perfect Dark

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