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Poker Night at the Inventory

Developer: Online | Publisher: Online
Players: 1+ Player Game | Release Date: 05/12/17 | Genre: Undefined

Poker titles on the PC can be a real crapshoot, pun intended. For every game like Stacked that you get, you get a half dozen games like "Reel Deal Poker." When I first heard about Poker Night at the Inventory and the fact that it only offered one form of poker play, I figured that this was going to be another in a long line of poker related flops, again pun intended.

Poker Night at the Inventory is essentially a five player cash sit and go tournament game where players sit down with $10,000 each. You play until you win the game or you bust out. However, your opponents are not your average players. You actually get to play against four famous gaming characters. Your opponents are Homestar from Runner's Strong Bad, Max from Sam and Max, The Heavy from Team Fortress 2, and Tycho from Penny arcade.

Now that we have peaked your interest with that lineup, we should talk a bit about game play. The game play for this title is pretty simple at the easy level. Players will either play very predictable or they will be super crazy to the point where good poker play should make easy pickings of them. On the hard level, the players play a really solid poker game and may actually present you a challenge unless you are the second coming of Phil Ivey.

The real hook behind this game is the interaction between the players. You get to watch as the Heavy talking trash to the other opponents and to you. If you suck out on Tycho, prepared to get cursed out. In addition, there are many inside jokes to this game and fans of the titles associated with these characters will have a good time.

Obviously, the downside to this game is that there is just one form of poker game in Texas Hold em poker and after a few hours, the jokes and insults get a bit repetitive. However, up until that point, this game will provide a fun experience that most casual

poker fans should enjoy. You won't learn to become the next poker champion with this game, but it is worth play if for no other reason than to watch Tycho spaz out after you suck out on him.

By Ash Williams - 03/19/12
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