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Project Gotham Racing

Developer: Bizarre Creations | Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Players: 1 to 4 Player Game | Release Date: 11/14/01 | Genre: Driving

Project Gotham Racing is fast. Project Gotham Racing is furious. Personally, I believe Project Gotham Racing is the best racing game of it's kind. Some would argue Gran Turismo 3 is the better of the two, but I don't think GT3 quite gets over the same bar that Project Gotham does.

The most noticeable thing about Project Gotham is the killer graphics. I seriously have trouble finding flaws in this game's graphics! I mean, if you look up as you drive through the city you see Sbarro's, other restaurants and billboards around you. After that, look inside the car itself, if you play around with the views, you can see the interior, and it's really quite detailed. What also gets me is the fact that when you're shifting gears (whether on Automatic or Manual) you see the guys arm go down and shift, then go back on the wheel! Also, whenever you're running up on guardrails, you see sparks coming from the sides of your car. But if that doesn't rock the boat, the biggest thing you'll notice in this game is the damage done to the cars. When you do something to mess up your car, your car actually gets messed up, unlike most games of the past. The games of the past that attempted this weren't accurate at all. I mean if you got his in the rear left fender, your whole rear bumper would get messed up. But in Project Gotham, you can knock out your lights, put big dings in your truck, knock off your rearview mirrors, and much more.

The sound, believe it or not, is pretty good in it's own! The only thing I don't like is that the engines don't sound TOO real, but they're not bad at all. But other then that, the stock music for this game is actually good compared to the stock soundtracks to other games. When I was playing, I actually heard a song on the game that I had already downloaded on my computer a few months ago. And even if you don't wanna use the game soundtrack, when you upload your own tracks, the "DJs" still blend your music into the game quite well at the beginning, giving it little introductions and whatnot. Also, the sound of the car hitting the guardrails and other cars is great! If you've ever been around real car crashes, you'd cringe at the sounds that this game makes.

The gameplay for this game is awesome too! It's completely realistic and touched on things that I thought had already been perfected during the Gran Turismo series. The only reason why I would play GT over Project Gotham is because GT has a lot more cars, but Project Gotham still has a healthy bunch.

All in all, Project Gotham is a great game! It was the first game I bought for my Xbox, and it really gave me a good impression of the capabilities that the Xbox had, and gave me no reason to doubt my purchase of my Xbox. If you have an Xbox but don't have this game, I suggest you go grab it... now. And if you don't have an Xbox, be sure this game is one of the first you get, you won't be sorry.

By Jerel Singh - 03/24/02
ESRB Details: Mild Lyrics

Screenshots for Project Gotham Racing


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