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Quake III Arena

Developer: id Software | Publisher: Activision
Players: 1 to 16 Player Game | Release Date: 12/02/99 | Genre: FPS

Oh my... That rocket sure did blow'd him up...! Who doesn't like first person shooters? Especially when id Software is involved. Quake 3: Arena is a shooter that will impress any gamer with a slight interest in killing things, namely all of them! This game gives these gamers what they want at their most primitive level, the gore, the guts, the guns! And after you reach a certain point in playing, the adrenaline really does start rushing!

Now before we go on I must warn you that Quake 3: Arena is a pretty resource rich application. So all you would be Quakers with a 300MHZ chip or less and less than 64MB ram, not to mention video card, there's no need for you to continue tempting yourselves. The rest of you gamers (with a good video card of course) will get relentless eye-candy driven by OpenGL 3D hardware acceleration. Details of visuals are also well done, right down to blinking eyes on each player. The sound is rich and 3D, complete with doppler effect so you can hear that guy creeping up from behind or tell relatively how far away an unseen target is.

Gameplay in Quake 3 is just as simple as other shooters but in mutliplayer it can get a little challenging, issuing orders and such. At its core the game is based on the ever so easy, point and shoot. Keyboard commands can be customized (almost everything in Quake 3 can be), facilitating quick weapon changes and item usage. In mutliplayer matches though if you want to be on the winning team communication is key. But if you're caught chatting while in the arena, well bye, bye! This is where key binding comes in handy. Assigning often used chat phrases such as, I have the flag, I'm on my way, HELP! etc., to keys also makes sure you are ready when that next kill or what the game calls frag, comes. Be careful here, adding too many binds makes it hard to remember which is which and can make communication cumbersome. Stick with the a few main commands.

Along with the maps and the characters that the game comes with, there are many custom made maps and characters on the net. Finding new maps is highly recommended and new characters or skins is just damn fun. Just the other day I found a skin of Bender, I couldn't help but laugh as I splattered guts in this skin.

Online play is a great way to expand the games' playability and after all it's what this game was really intended to do. Finding online servers is not a problem, there are tons out there. The trick is finding the best ones who have enough real players and low ping times. In this game, lag is literally a killer! You'll learn that dueling a potential frag with rocket launchers is a crappy time to find out your connection has gone to hell.

Quake 3: Arena is a title who's popularity is reflected by the amount of online players devoted to it. Just look up Quake 3 in any search engine and what you will find is endless clan pages, fan pages and tournament pages. Numerous mods, expansion packs, mission packs etc. also can be found which keeps this game fresh for long time owners. Almost 2 years after its release, and ask any gamer, they'll tell you Quake 3 is still highly recommended.

By Steve Looi - 12/17/01
ESRB Details: Animated Blood and Gore, Animated Violence

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