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Resident Evil 0

Developer: Flagship | Publisher: Capcom
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 11/10/02 | Genre: Survival Horror

I am left quivering after I played this game. I felt as if a zombie had opened my skull and then walked away angrly when he found no brains inside. Why? Because Resident Evil has fallen from it's goals. I am a loyal player of RE1, RE2, RE3, and RECVX. No gun survivor, however, because I could never find it. I am not the new player that Capcom hopes for. They seem to want each of their players to have their brains eaten by zombies so that they can keep pushing the same storyline. Before you turn away in a frustrated fashion and start searching for rusted cranks, hear me out.

Resident Evil 1 was a classic not because of the graphics. Today, they couldn't even pass as a child's artwork. It was the idea of wonder, mystery, and murder all within this huge drug mansion (and yes it was a drug mansion... hillbillies didn't build that house way up there in the styx). Then, the RE series become devoted to show how big these operations were, and just how nasty one can nock off one of their creations. When we basically destroyed every last item of zombie-nostalgia and Nemesis blood, the players wanted more. RECV was good only because it tried hard, and we saw some new and refreshing aspects, but you will more likely than not see some disturbing trends stand out in RE0.

One good thing is that they have new difficulty settings Easy, Medium, and Hard. Now even a novice player can survive for a few minutes. The opening scenes are very well done, but the aspect of 죲eepy monster mysteriousnesss blown since we already know the past, present, and future of Umbrella. Also, when will foolish people learn? When you enter raccoon city, nothing works. NOTHING. Helicopter engines fail, lights don't work, and trains unhinge. I'm surprised that your guns don't backfire and blow your face off. It seems to me that Capcom just wants to toss you directly in battle rather than say why.

The dialogue is lacking that panache that we live for in such games; a certain strained lilt in the voice and imprisoned agony that only comes from the primal fear of the unknown. So, here's a snippet of the dialog: 셤ward: "Those poor soldiers. They were good men just doing their jobs and that scum murdered them and escaped!" Oh, the horror. If you think that's bad, you should hear the crappy voice that was saying it. If I wrote the dialog (in which I will one of these days) it would be much different. Picture this: The helicopter crashes in a strange land and Rebecca (annoying little girl that can't even comb her hair right, but she can handle a grenade launcher) reads a note that a serial murderer is on the loose. Edward takes the note and after reading it, folds a flap onto the soldier's face. Edward: ì?¨ my Holy Gosh. 11 bravo company men; strongest bunch soldiers the fifth division had. (pause as looked over bodies) He ripped their throats wide open when they where still alive.î ¨Gets up and removes handgun). 쌩sten up! I want search parties all around the perimeter, and I want that sick son of a gun hung right here on this tree by his feet! We're gonna make them hope to God that he made it to execution.î ?h, but I forgot. We can show guts spilling, heads being popped and a shogun blast to the kneecaps, but cursing caused by a hectic and insane situation by a grown male seems too much. I Forgot... little Jimmy is gonna be killings all sorts of things in his life, but never say a curse word. That's just ì·²ongî¡ 

Enough of my rants. All we want is zombie killing, right? Of course! But even that is lacking. Sadly, we are given the exact same weapons with new skins, save for a 쨵ntingun and molotovs *cough* Grand Theft Auto. Aahh, if we don't steal ideas, where are they gonna come from, eh? Come on, how many times are we going to start with a handgun, work up to a shotgun, then the colt python/magnum and then the "rocket launcher"? Not only that, but having each one retain its original properties and sounds (the "handgun upgrade"...never seen that!) In easy mode, the ammo for both character (hit X to switch) is way too much and the health is unneeded... you can probably get through the first hour with a knife if you have known RE since 1998. So, the problem is that you breeze past all six hours, probably in one sitting if your determined. Thus, your money is blown since you will be sitting their stunned that the game is already over. In medium mode, the ammo is still there, but the herbs are lacking (which Billy can't mix, just use). In hard mode, you better be on cocaine or have no life, because you have to be ultra-turbo fan to play this impossible mode. Since I have already mentioned the character switching, I'll expand on it. Having two characters is dumb. It slows down the game, depletes ammo, gets you in trouble and always sets you back. In other words, you have to worry about health, ammo, and not dying for TWO now. Wee.

Don't be wowed by graphics. They're zombie dogs, leeches and Umbrella monsters... they are not works of art! Lighting is a tab better in spots, but too dark overall, the camera is still the same (about; its somewhat permissive) and the same types of scenarios are played out (open this door with this lock, this crank). I tell you, the people who built Raccoon city must have been some PARANOID people, and only wanted people with silver keys to enter their homes. Again, you can have your body chewed on by the undead, but you can't kick down a wood door. They should have a ì°¡nicî ­eter, which the closer an enemy is, the more scared you are, and the more the adrenaline gets pumped up so you can deliver faster kills or punch holes through doors. In fact, why can't I be Rambo? Why can't I get a minigun and just unload on these zombies like in the B movies of our youth? Sigh.

So all that's left is gameplay. Umbrella is evil. It deals in the T-virus. It's evil. Zombies like to crash through stuff. That's evil. They are undetected by other monsters, and everyone wants YOUR blood. Very evil. So, you go on a key quests, kill, get frustrated, and read the walkthrough, kill, die, die, die, some cheesy cut scenes, more bosses and a smiley, happy ending. People, this is just another game. Nothing drastic has been done (save for dropping items, so in fact that makes the game harder since you have to backtrack). Why couldn't they put an item box in every room...too much sense, or too easy? Here are some things that I wanted and expected. If you wanted them too, might as well wait for resident evil 4 which is coming.


1. A better plot. Something besides Umbrella, findings keys, turning cranks, and killings the undead. Maybe some twist endings or even an approach that isn't focused around umbrella.

2. Cool characters. Nope... all you get is an annoying 18 year-old girl and a psycho. Wee.

3. A way to release all my anger. I want to feel like I can turn all my fear into anger, and go crazy with the knife, saw off some heads and pull some crazy kung-foo moves. Maybe some redemption and justice on these things. But no... you stand there like your still in a shooting range.

4. Better lighting. Sometimes there's a door and you can't even see it.

5. New weapons. Perhaps an M60, sawed off shotgun, axe, and throwing knifes would be a new change of pace.

6. Not so linear. Pathways, small courtyards, rooms. That's all. Can't your character climb over fences, climb trees, break down doors and smash windows? Would it be cool if you where on top of the train with a sniper rifle and pick off zombies with gusto?

7. Better enemies. Baboons, frogs, and insects. All parts of the storyline, but that is flawed too.

8. Better dialog. I should say: ì?¨ man, this dialog sure is crummy. I just don't know what to do! Oh boy!"

9. Absence of logic. Really, if you where trapped in a train with evil critters, would you want to find the silver key, or break a window and bust out of there, running far away, and having adventures like that?

10. Graphics? We live in the future. Where are the flying cars, meals in pill and truly fluid, lifelike graphics? Expect some blockyness.

The reason why this gets into the 삮 category is because it is STILL Resident Evil, and as long as you just have that premise, you can't go too bad. There are some cinemas that are good, parts that make you jump a bit and enough new places to make you think. But I think after so many years we fans deserve more than just kill and solve. If they added some dislodged voices, devilish images, or some other psychological horrors as seen in the Silent Hill series, then it could have been much better.

I don't want fans to go out and but this game because its Resident Evil. The idea was novel in 1998, but like the Jason series, it's always the same. Always. But don't worry, I'll promise you people that I will write a game SO GOOD, that it will make your green herbs quiver!

By Douglas Brinius - 11/29/02
ESRB Details: Blood and Gore, Violence

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