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Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Developer: Capcom | Publisher: Capcom
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 08/21/01 | Genre: Survival Horror

When I began playing Code Veronica I must admit I was slightly excited to be playing the game. With all it's good praises on the Dreamcast. I loved RE: 1 and 2. However, I never got around to playing Nemesis. The only problem I find in this franchise, is that although your hardcore fan of the series will say there is "No way that Capcom should change it". Your average fan or just a person who plays RE once in a while will say, "It could use some new idea's, as long as it doesn't screw up the game."

Personally, I feel that this series cannot hold out forever if it doesn't get a facelift.. but, it doesn't really need a facelift. Resident Evil hasn't been "changed" simply because it's perfect the way it is. If you changed it, you would have a different game... This is not something the fans or Capcom wants. So I say, let the game live out it's lifespan and when the next game comes along with it's own style and it's own look it can make it's own mark on the genre. With that said lets move to the review.

There are some nice graphics to be found in Code Veronica. All of the backgrounds are VERY well done. I feel like this is the best looking RE game to date. That said, the upcoming GameCube versions will look better. However, they haven't been released just yet. One thing I kept in mind is that Code Veronica wasn't developed for the PS2 so the game doesn't look nearly as good as it could of looked.

The only real improvements from the DC version is some water and flame effects--otherwise this game just looks the same. Which is saying a lot from the recent DC ports we've been seeing. The character models are very nicely done, and the on a whole this game is just visually pleasing...

There isn't much to say about the sound. When it comes right down to it. The sounds are good, but not amazing. As far as the music goes. RE: code veronica has a very good sound track to complement the rest of the game. Along with the nice graphics this is one of the games strong points.

Well, here is a VERY important question--how good is the story? A Storyline is extremely important to any title. Not only does it drive the game and the interest of the player, but it also makes the backbone of the entire game. So when your talking about the story your pretty much talking about how good the total game is on a whole.

So, here goes then. The story is pretty interesting at first and makes you want to learn more. That is definitely a good thing. the only problem is that the story gets less and less interesting as you play through the game. It tends to bland out a little and seems like the same old thing that you would expect. I really think that the Resident Evil series could use a makeover. But since the series won't be on the PS2 for quite a while I guess we'll have to wait till another game comes along, or the RE series returns to the Sony's system.

The final point I will touch on is the playability. How much will you play this game? How long? How much will you enjoy the controls? Will it satisfy your hardcore gaming needs? Does it provide more "fun"? well here goes. RE lasts about 15-20hrs depending on how you play of course. There is a bonus mode that is pretty cool (battle mode). The controls are the exact same thing you would expect from RE. However, there are some hard to figure out secrets and puzzles that most seasoned gamers will enjoy. But like I said earlier, there is a lot of the same old stuff in here. So if that's not what your looking for... LOOK OUT!

By Kyle Horner - 08/01/00
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