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Rush Bros. Review

Developer: Xyla Entertainment | Publisher: Digital Tribe Entertainment, Inc.
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 05/24/13 | Genre: Platform

From Xyla Entertainment and Digital Tribe Entertainment, I'd like to introduce to you guys, Rush Bros.! A well thought out platformer that centers around music, and the beat--as well as beating out the competition. And, of course, what would any platformer be without tons of sharp, pointy, spikey things, aimed to kill you? I'm  not the best platformer player, I'll admit. So, I saw a lot of the death animation while checking out this game.

The premise of Rush Bros. has this almost Scott Pilgrim-esque feel to it. At least, it feels that way to me--it's simple, yet interesting. Two brothers and DJ's, Bass, and Treble. Both extremely talented, and working together, for a good part of their career, until the eventual break up. But, the biggest highlight of both their careers is still yet to come--as they are pitted against each other in a heart-pumping, bass-dropping race, coordinated by some of those ever-present lurking dark figures.

Rush Bros. currently boasts 45 'tracks, or courses, to run, slide, and jump your way through. Some of them being fairly easy, while others, not so much. Additionally, there are 16 music tracks to choose from that come with the game, ss well as a few levels that include their own level-specific music, some of which has been picked from select artists from ReverbNation. One of the neatest features of Rush Bros., in contrast to many other platformers, is how it is centralizes around music. As music slows, gets faster, quieter, or louder, the game changes. From the speed at which platforms move around and when traps and spike show up. So, ultimately, no two runs through a level will likely ever be the same.

In addition to the 16 included tracks, which are pretty dang good, Rush Bros. allows you to use your own songs, from your music library. Making the variations in each level endless. Each of these levels, you can play by yourself, or with friends! Whether it be over the internet, or on same computer. Also, you can either play using the keyboard, or a USB controller. The use of a controller is recommended, as the controls are a little easier to use. However, it is up to you.

As much as Rush Bros. is great for playing with your friends, I personally feel it could be missing one crucial element--A level editor! I mean, 45 levels, with more to probably come is nothing to scoff at. But, still. I mean, imagine the increased competition, and hours of play that could be gained from a level editor! Make your own level, share it with your friends, and see who can top who, in both the races, as well as making wicked levels to rave through. 

All in all, Rush Bros. will keep you entertained for hours, draw you in with it's sick beats, and will only get better when playing with friends, and going head-to-head, in all it's bass-pounding greatness. For anyone that loves platformers, and some good music, I would highly suggest to you, Rush Bros. I mean, come on, at $10, it's a steal.

Also! Xyla Entertainment recently announced, on their website, that they will be releasing Ruch Bros. on Android, in August, this year. So, all you platformer fans with Android phones, that are looking for something to keep you busy when you're out-and-about - Keep your eyes out for Rush Bros., coming in August!


By Davis Wiitala - 07/11/13

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