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Sanyo VM 4500

Developer: Sanyo | Publisher:
Players: | Release Date: 05/12/17 | Genre: Hardware

There are a few things in life that I would consider a sure thing. After several years of using a cellular phone, I never thought I would find a brand or service that I could call a sure thing. But all of that has changed. Sprint PCS phones from Sanyo give me the quality, signal strength, and features that I need. Their latest phone, the VM 4500, is a work of genius and gives me yet another reason to brag about Sanyo and Sprint.

I have been using the Sanyo VM 4500 phone since January of 2004. This is when it first was released. Being the first cellular phone in the US market to offer video features, I just had to get one and try it out. Sprint PCS is always on the forefront of technology and this tradition has continued with video mail.

Lets go ahead and state the obvious. The video quality is not that great and you can only take fifteen second video clips. The phone can only hold up to seven video clips on the highest quality setting too. At that point, you must upload the videos to Sprint's Picture Mail site, e-mail them to yourself or friends, or send them to another Sprint Phone that can view videos. After this is done, you can safely delete the videos and continue taking more.

Sanyo and Sprint innovated the US cellular market by offering the first phone that had a digital camera built in. The quality of that phone does not compare to the pictures you can take on the VM 4500 or other camera phones. In fact, there is a company that will bring out a 1 MP camera phone to Sprint PCS later this year! With the technology in these phones moving faster than the life cycles of the phones, I bet it won't be long until the video quality of future Sanyo phones gets a much larger resolution and a crisper picture. But until then, you can have an absolute blast.

Besides the awesome video feature and the improved quality of the pictures, users will find a camera light, to take videos in the dark, and a flash, for the camera. The resolution for the camera is now 640 by 480 and is a much clearer picture than the first Sanyo picture phone. The lens also has a digital zoom of 4X and 16X. Of course, using this digital zoom will lower the quality of the picture. The Sanyo VM 4500 also features a full color screen with a 2.1� LCD. The external, caller-ID, screen is 1� and both are high quality TFT screen that support up to 65,000 colors.

Another feature you will find on this phone is ReadyLink. ReadyLink is Sprint's version of Nextel's walkie-talkie. It allows users to send instant messages to another ReadyLink equipped phone. Unfortunately, only a handful of phones support ReadyLink. No other manufacturer but Sanyo incorporates it into their phones either. I am not sure if this will change in the future and have not used the ReadyLink service due to the fact that I don't know anyone who has the service on their phone. ReadyLink service is not required to enjoy the phone and it is an optional add-on to your plan. You can even completely turn off the feature so you conserve more battery.

Users will find that the Sanyo VM 4500 also has a multi-colored LED light that blinks different colors when receiving SMS messages, incoming calls, outgoing calls, and when roaming. The colors can be customized so blink certain ways or turned off completely.

My favorite feature that the VM 4500 has is the speakerphone. After whining and complaining for years that no flip phone had a good speakerphone, the people at Sanyo and Sprint silenced my cries. Now that I have been using the VM 4500 and utilizing the speakerphone, I won't ever be able to use another flip phone without this feature. In fact, I am quite surprised to see that this is the only flip phone in the US market that has a speakerphone. Not even the newest line of other flip phones from manufacturers like Samsung have this feature.

Signal strength is always a plus with Sanyo phones and it continues with the VM 4500. While there are still places where my cel phone won't work, no other service will work there either. Battery life is also equally is good. With normal usage, I can go several days without having to charge the phone. However, I rarely let it go more than a night before charging it. I like to have a fully charged battery at the start of each day just incase I use it more than normal. The official battery times are 3.25 hours of continuous talk time, 240 hours of continuous standby time. In analog mode the times dip down to 1.7 hours of continuous talk and 23 hours of continuous standby time. But with Sprint, you rarely are on an analog connection.

All of the games Sprint has on their network have been made compatible with this phone. Because of the beauty and size of the screen, you will find many of them to be very addictive. I recommend you try out bejeweled, puzzle bobble, and all the games that they are adding to their Game Lobby feature.

Overall, this is the greatest cel phone I have ever used. Until Sanyo brings out another flip phone with a speakerphone, it will be extremely difficult for me to switch to another type of phone. I highly recommend the Sanyo VM 4500 and suggest you run to your nearest retailer or Sprint Store and buy one. Don't have Sprint? It is time to switch.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 06/04/04

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