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SCEA Gamers' Day 2002 Diary: Part 1

Arriving at DFW for the first half of my flight to San Francisco, where Sony is hosting the Gamer’s Day 2002 Conference, I stood in line to get my boarding pass. After making my way through the security checkpoints, I came to the gate where I would be departing. There weren’t many people waiting so I thought this flight would be mostly empty--giving me plenty of legroom. Unfortunately, when I went to board the plane, I was told that “there is limited space for carry-on baggageâ€? and I would need to check my suitcase at the front of the plane. Before I could protest, the attendant promptly slapped a “FORBIDDEN BAGGAGEâ€? sticker on my luggage. However, these people didn’t realize that as a seasoned Monkey Island player (not to mention all the older, classic Adventure titles), I have learned to use my surroundings to “bend the rules.â€? (also known as looking at life as an Adventure game.) My inventory was mainly extra clothes, underwear, and a shoulder bag with a variety of items in there. As I walked down the tunnel to board the plane, I quickly pulled the sticker up as high as it would go, grabbed my shoulder bag, and created a barrier over the “FORBIDDEN BAGGAGEâ€? sticker. My clever plan was going to work!!! Now for the challenge--getting passed the flight attendant on the plane. As I proceeded to walk on the plane, a fellow traveler was coming off the plane and was forced to leave his bag behind so it could be stowed below... He failed to sneak his forbidden baggage on board and I knew this would be a challenge.

Quickly, I made my way onto the plane and smiled at the flight attendant! HA! It worked... she did not see the “FORBIDDEN BAGGAGEâ€? sticker but smiled back at me. When all appeared to be going according to plan, I ran into a “smallâ€? problem. And when I say “small,â€? I mean “tiny!â€? I was seated on the back row--which should give me plenty of time to get my forbidden baggage on board the plane. However, the plane was only twelve rows! That is right--12 rows! I have seen a can of sardines with more room than this plane. When I was told that there was “limited space on board,â€? I wasn’t informed that this was a plane for midgets. The overhead bins were extremely small--two times smaller than “normal planes.â€?

I reached above to try and put my forbidden baggage in the overhead bin... it didn’t fit! Crud! I shouldn’t have packed so much toothpaste! I reached in the bag, pulled out a zip lock bag full of goodies and sat it in my seat. Unfortunately, my bag wouldn’t fit. However, I found a can of grease outside the airport that I picked up and placed in my inventory. (Remember, the number one rule of Adventure games is to pick up all items you find...) By greasing my forbidden baggage, I was able to get it in the overhead bin before the flight attendant could get back to me. But now I had another dilemma; my shoulder bag was now to large to fit underneath my seat because of the zip lock bag I took out of the greased luggage. The flight attendant had made it very clear she would not allow any bags to be stored by your feet that didn’t fit underneath the seat in front of you. There was nothing in my inventory that could help me out... however, I saw a blue blanket in one of the open overhead bins. I grabbed it, placed it over my legs, and concealed the shoulder bag that was not able to fit underneath the seat in front of me.

Finally I thought I was going to be able to take off without being caught. Unfortunately for me, the pilot began to take off without warning our lone flight attendant. She started falling backwards and practically fell in my lap. Personally, I think the pilots were trying to knock her unconscious. She had already flown with them four times that day and she told more bad jokes than a dad does! However, even though she was basically in my lap, she did not notice the large shoulder bag. My adventure gaming skills proved useful once again!

Oh no... just when I though I got away with all of this, the “FORBIDDEN BAGGAGEâ€? sticker on my bag started glowing a strange green color and emitting a disturbing gas-like substance. Now what am I going to use in my inventory to get me out of this situation... Hey wait! Did I see a anti-gas ray gun with color neutralizer around here somewhere...?

Who says adventure games are dead? On the way to Gamers’ Day 2002, my flight proved they were alive and well. If only Guybrush Threepwood could see me now...

By Kaleb Rutherford - 08/14/02

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