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SCEA Gamers' Day 2003 Diary Part 2

I remember taking a shower this morning and cleaning every part of my body. This is a daily ritual of mine... I don't leave my house without being clean and I most certainlly don't travel to my office without looking my best. But on the way to San Francisco to attend Sony's 2003 Gamers' Day, I realized something... Nobody wants to be near me.

It all started with our Assistant Editor, Emily. She was not able to make it on the flight I was on. Now, I don't know about you, however, I hate traveling alone. Even worse is when you arrive at the airport early and have nothing else to do besides work on a few articles, try to make it further in that GBA RPG you have been working on, and catch up on some manga. Despite the work I need to get done, I am a social creature. I long for communication and I don't like to be quiet. If you don't believe me, just ask anyone on the staff. They will fill you in.

Emily just couldn't make my flight and she said the reason was a conflict with her schedule. Okay, I bought into that but I didn't as I sat in the airport waiting for my flgiht to appear on the screen at Gate A-12, I noticed that nobody would sit near me in the terminal. Granted, if I wasn't such a nerd and I saw someone reading manga and typing on a Pocket PC, I would probably keep my distance too... However, the terminal was very crowded and there were not any empty seats in sight. Yet people were content to stand up instead of sitting down next to me...

After reading through a manga magazine and finishing some articles, it was time to board the plane. First class was completely packed and I could not see an empty seat in the house... Except the one next to me. As I sat there sniffing my clothes to make sure I didn't forget to wash this shirt or if I forgot to put on deoderant, I realized something... Last year on the way to Gamers' Day I was sitting all alone on the plane.

I normally don't mind sitting alone on a plane ride. Because then you don't have to worry about having an awkward conversation with a stranger in very tight quarters. It also allows me to get my work done without explaining that I have been an Editor covering the videogame industry since 1997. People tend to get very jealous when they find out that you get to try out the latest and greatest games and explore E3 on a yearly basis... (Not to mention travel to San Francisco to see what Sony is up to).

I sat on the plane contemplating the situation and the only conclusion I could reach was to race to the hotel and shower upon arrival. Hopefully Sony will ignore my stench until then... Hey wait a second, the only thing that stinks here is this crummy article. But what do you expect from a secluded Editor who is bored on a long flight to San Francisco?

By Kaleb Rutherford - 09/18/03

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