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SCEA Gamers' Day 2003 Diary Part 4

Sony puts out a quality product and after spending a day looking at all of their titles coming out between now and the early part of 2004, they put us on a bus and drove us to a huge yacht. And let me tell you, Sony knows how to throw a great party. If you have any doubts about this, just ask all the people begging to get in to the Sony Part at E3 each year. However, nothing prepared me for what would happen to me at this particular party.

We got on board and Sony had tables where they gave us all black PS2 windbreakers to help us stay a bit warmer while traveling over the cold night air in the San Francisco bay. Setup on one of the upper decks was a casino floor. Each person was given a ticket worth $500 in chips. Quickly a rumor started spreading that the top fifteen winners would receive a "mystery prize." Hearing this, it became my goal to win the top prize.

However, I quickly began to realize that tonight wasn't my night. I couldn't get anywhere with Roulette and the Black Jack table I was on wasn't getting me ahead very much. Even though there was food and all the drinks you wanted, I avoided it all. Okay, so I am a sucker for free drinks and food and had more than I normally would... But I was attempting to stay focussed.

As the night progressed and I had to visit the men's room, I ran into someone who wasn't gambling. We had a free spot on our table and I invited him over. He said he didn't feel like it and wanted me to have his ticket. Woohoo! $500 more for me! Emily also got tired of gambling and turned over her remaining money to me too. The tide began to turn for me as I started winning. But looking around, there were several others winning big bucks and I was wondering if I could earn enough to get in that top fifteen spot.

During this time, I looked over at the TV on in the yacht and Barry Bonds came up to bat for the Giants. They were playing at home in Pac Bell Park--which was right in front of us. Sure enough, as luck would have it, Bonds went yard and while it didn't hit our yacht, he dunked the ball into the Bay. While I am not a die-hard baseball fan, this is a memory I won't ever forget.

The last hand came up and I bet a little conservative when I saw I might have a chance of winning. I won the hand and began to give my chips to the dealer to count. I am not sure why, but several people around me I had been hanging out with decided to give me their chips because they knew that they weren't close to winning. The dealer saw this going on so I guess it was legal... As he was counting the chips, everyone around me started chanting R U T H E R F O R D and C V G A M E S. Sure enough, I had won with $5,000.00 in winnings.

There were several prizes available to pick from including some really great looking GTA shirts, signed copies of Amplitude that were signed by Blitz 182, a basketball signed by Ray Allen, a Super Bowl football signed by Charlie Garner and a player from the Bucs from 989 Sports' "Game Before the Game," and the king daddy of all prizes, a limited edition GTA model car signed by Kaz himself. (The founder and head of Polymorph Digital). This is a car they designed for the game and there are only five signed ones and a hundred of these models.

What a perfect way to close Gamers' Day. I haven't ever won anything big before and to have people help me win like this and then chant out Rutherford and CVGames is something I won't ever forget. And when Bonds wins the MVP, I can always think back to that Solo HR he sunk in the Bay and tell people I was in a Yacht when he hit one of his home runs.

Unfortunately, the magical night came to a close and as I woke up the next day, it was time for Emily and me to depart from SCEA Gamers' Day 2003. However, it is obvious from what we saw that Sony is going to completely dominate the competition this year with Microsoft and Nintendo having very little to compete with. I said it last year after Gamers' Day and I will say it again... LONG LIVE THE PLAYSTATION!!!

By Kaleb Rutherford - 12/18/02

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