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Sega Rally Revo

Developer: Sega | Publisher: Sega
Players: 1+ Player Game | Release Date: 10/09/07 | Genre: Driving

segarally.jpgSega is one of those few companies that has a multitude of franchises sitting in a vault just waiting to be pulled out and rediscovered. Sega Rally is just one of the multitude of franchises that hasn't graced a console since the 1999 release of Sega Rally 2. Years later, Sega Rally has finally returned to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Sega Rally Revo. But has the game been worth the wait?

The most noticeable thing about Sega Rally Revo are the graphics. The biggest addition Sega has made to the franchise in terms of the visuals are the dynamic track marks that are left on the course all throughout each individual race. This provides players with a truly next-generation gameplay experience that is really cool to look at. As you race around the course, each car can dig into the dirt, tear up the course, and throw mud on your car on others. As you make your way around the next lap--all of those elements will still be present. The course will continue to get more and more torn up as you go through additional laps. Also, regarding the mud that can get caked on the cars, it will remain on there until you run through a puddle to wash it off.

segarally1.jpg segarally2.jpg segarally3.jpg

Besides these elements, Sega Rally Revo looks good and runs at about 30 FPS on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Despite the power difference in the two consoles, you will not find any differences between the two graphically. The big difference between the two consoles is the addition of rumble in the Xbox 360 edition. With the lack of rumble on the PS3, until the release of the Dual Shock 3, the Xbox 360 version really is a lot more fun to play--especially when going across a beat up track. You will literally feel the difference in just a few laps and anxiously await for Sony to get the new rumble functionality to the US ASAP. Fortunately, for PlayStation 3 owners, Logitech has a racing wheel with built in force feedback.

While Sega Rally Revo may appear to create an entirely new gameplay element with the addition of the track deformation, the game plays like an arcade racer. This means that you drive first and think later. So while the uneven dirt or snow may cause a few problems, you can normally get through practically any obstacle with relative ease. When going through a course, players will notice that it is impossible to fly off the course and if you try, you will bounce off an invisible barrier. For me, this is not a problem. I greatly prefer an arcade racer over a simulation any day. But if arcade racers are not your cup of tea, Sega Rally Revo may not be for you.

segarally4.jpg segarally5.jpg segarally6.jpg

Sega Rally Revo offers 23 different courses for you to master. Some of these include reverse versions of courses. Learning the different turns and how to pull off your power-slides correctly will take just a little time to master. However, the biggest challenge of the offline mode is against the CPU. The AI in Sega Rally Revo is so frustrating that you may be tempted to snap the disk in half or break your controller against the wall. They race a perfect race and normally stay on the same driving lines unless you get close to them. Then they will try to bump you for a bit when you go for a pass. No matter how big of a lead you get on the AI, if you mess up, expect them to catch up with you.

Sega has included several gameplay modes into Sega Rally Revo. These include a Quick Race, Time Trial, Championship, and Multiplayer modes. The latter gives you the option to race head to head, via split screen, on one console--or take your game online with up to six players racing online. When racing online, the host can lay out up to six different tracks to race through to create a customized championship.

Fans of Sega Rally will find that Revo offers new graphics and very little else to the franchise. This normally would be a bad thing. However, since we have not seen the franchise since the DreamCast, Sega Rally Revo is definitely worth a look by fans of the Arcade Racing genre. Hopefully Sega won't make use wait until PlayStation 4 for the next Sega Rally.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 11/07/07

Screenshots for Sega Rally Revo

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