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Silent Scope 2

Developer: KCET | Publisher: Konami
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 09/18/01 | Genre: Shooter

Silent Scope 2: Dark Silhouette is the sequel to the arcade hit, Silent Scope. The story begins in the United Kingdom, where yet another terrorist group is going to carry out an attack on an unsuspecting city. Your role as a member of a peacekeeping agency is to track down the enemy and make them pay. Sound easy? It sure is--as long as you have a gun.

Wait a second-you mean to tell me I have to hunt down and kill terrorists without a gun? Armed with your trusty Dual Shock 2, the enemy will be trembling as you miss your target time and time again.

Hold on one more second... I am a sniper, right? How could the government train me to be a bloodthirsty sniper and force me to shoot with a controller? Where is the gun???

*Meanwhile back at Konami's Development Studio*

"Is Silent Scope 2: Dark Silhouette finished yet?"

"Yes, it is."

"Okay, lets ship it... er... Where is the gun for the players to use?"

"Sir, we did not work that into the budget for the game."

"Doh! I forgot. Lets make sure we put something on the packaging about how easy it is to control it with the Dual Shock 2."

*Back to the real world*

Silent Scope 2: Dark Silhouette is a fun shooter. The graphics are great, the sound is great, and the gameplay is rock solid. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend an afternoon controlling a sniper. Konami even went the extra mile and threw in some bonus games and practice arenas. However, no matter how great the sound or graphics are--no matter how many extras are thrown in--how can you release a shooter game, designed to be used with a Gun, without including the gun in the package or selling it separately?

In the end, Silent Scope 2: Dark Silhouette is a great rental and only worthy of a purchase by shooter fans that need another title to play until the next Namco shooter release.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 08/01/01
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