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Sky Odyssey

Developer: CAProduction | Publisher: Activision
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 11/15/00 | Genre: Simulation

What kind of gamer are you? Do you like first-person shooters? ...puzzle games? SPORTS?!?!? ...side scrolling action packed shoot 'em ups? (blecchhh) How about arcade racers? Racing sims? AH-HA!!! You MUST like fighting games! Hmmmmm.... what's left? Oh, yeah! Flying games! As for me, as you'll soon find out, I like any kind of fighting or simulation game. Racing and flight sims, to be exact. The more realistic, the better. I mean... I wanna FEEL like I'm right there in the cockpit, whether it be in a Formula 1 car, or an F-16. However, Sky Odyssey isn't a flight sim... exactly...

I know you're here to read about PS2 stuff, but let me ask... How many of you remember any of the games in the Pilotwings series? If you've played any of those games, you'll get a strangely familiar feeling when you take off on your first training mission, and when you start flying through hoops. Following vaguely in Pilotwings fashion, yet going far beyond. There is much more to Sky Odyssey than meets the eye. True, it is NOT a flight sim, but the realism is still there, alright. Try taking on a 50mph crosswind in the desert... just once. I don't want to give away a lot of what's in store for you, but once you make a water landing with pontoons, you'll understand even better. Activision put the realism into the game without all the gauges & gadgets of a flight sim.

The control aspect of any flying game, arcade or sim, determines whether the game will be a hit, or if it's crap. (Kaleb, can I say crap?) The control is tight, precise, and ends up giving you more control over your plane than you might expect. Thank heavens for air brakes! You'll see what I mean.

Let's get to the far-fetched side of this game for a minute. The game does have it's challenges, some of them being fairly early on in the game. In the second level, for instance, your plane is running out of fuel, and you need to rely on a refueling train. (yes... T, R, A, I, N, ... train) If you complete this level without crashing on the first try, you just drop me an e-mail. I've got a little surprise I'd like to send you. Other than having to stay attached to this refueling train for an entire level, there are many other challenges as well. Flying into jet streams, thunderstorms, landing on aircraft carriers, flying through caverns, valleys, and tunnels make up most of this game.

What's left, you ask? Surely there must be something else, right? You bet your sweet apples, there is! How about skywriting? there's a whole game mode dedicated to just that. It takes you from simply flying a straight line with smoke on, to actually spelling words in the air. There's another mode where all you need to do is fly through a bunch of targets and land before time runs out. Sounds simple, huh? You'll see. There are several different aircraft you acquire throughout the game, and the more you play the game, the more "extras" you find. On top of having a variety of aircraft, from biplane to Stealth Fighter, you also obtain modifications and enhancements to many of these airplanes...or autogyro ...or UFO? There are quite a few surprises packed into this "simple" little game. Don't pass this game by simply because of the cover. You'll be missing out on something big. If this doesn't grab your interest, then I guess you should hit the "back" button right now, and find something else to read. Oops! Too late. I'm finished. HA!

By Jack Blaguar - 08/01/00
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