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Sony E3 2012 Press Briefing Blow by Blow

After a lackluster Microsoft showing earlier today, Sony can really knock it out of the park and make a huge impact at E3 this year. But will they?

Jack Tretton takes the stage for his annual presentation at E3. He begins by talking about the passion of the fans and how we will judge all of the "Big 3," rate them, and talk about it for years to come. It really sounds like they have something up their sleeves tonight.

Tretton is saying the one that needs to be thanked for E3 and the success this industry has is the gamer. Tretton calls out Kaz who stands up and says Riiiiiiiidge Raaaaacer! Looks like he may not be speaking tonight.

First up tonight is the next title from Quantic Dream and David Cage. The next title to followup Heavy Rain is Beyond: Two Souls. What will happen to us after we die? Ellen Page will play the lead character in Beyond: Two Souls. The game has taken an immense leap beyond what Heavy Rain looked like, animations, and emotions. This looks to be an interactive movie complete with awesome shadow effects.

Beyond: Two Souls was not given a release date. I would guess late 2013 at the earliest.

Tretton mentions that PS3 is in its 6th year and that they are the best palette for creators to make their games.

Next is PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale that will feature PlayStation 3 and PS Vita Cross-Play support. On stage are two Vita users and two PS3 users playing a match. There are upcoming surprises and details coming in the next several months. But since it is E3, two new characters will be revealed here: Nathan Drake and Big Daddy.

Besides being cross-play, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale will also feature cross-save. On the subject of cross-play, a cross-controller DLC will be revealed later this year to bring Vita controls to the PS3 in LittleBig Planet 2.

200 PSN titles will be coming to the platform over the next 12 months. PlayStation Plus started two years ago and has given users over 60 free games. Today, PlayStation Plus owners will be able to download titles like inFAMOUS 2, LittleBig Planet 2, and Saints Row 2 starting now. They will be rolling out other titles like SpaceMarine, Virtua Fighter, and others.

60 new titles will be available for the PlayStation Vita in 2012. This summer PS one classics will be playable on the platform. Still not mention of PlayStation Plus on on Vita. Crackle Television and Hulu Plus will be coming soon to Vita.

Activision will be bringing Call of Dut Black Ops Declassified will be coming this holiday. However, they promise to show it "in the coming months." Sounds like we won't see it for a while.

A white Vita is being shown running Assassin's Creed III Liberation--coming October 30, 2012. This title features the first ever female assassin and will include all of the touch controls and features of the device. When playing the game on your Vita and AC3 on your PS3, you will unlock weapons and skins.

A new White Vita Bundle will include a 4GB memory card and a Wifi console with the AC3 Liberation title bundled in later this year. No price point given.

Assassin's Creed III will feature battles on land, as we have seen, but will also include battles at Sea on ships. Connor is shown navigating his boat, with a large crew, over the high seas and bringing the revolution there. AC3, on the PS3, will still be coming out October 30, 2012. On that day, you can get a brand new AC3 bundled PS3 and exclusive DLC not available anywhere else.

Far Cry 3 is on stage and, for the first time, 4 player co-op is shown. This has been developed in secret alongside the single player campaign. Far Cry 3 still has no release date but has 4 player co-op, an island of multiplayer, a map editor to make your own Far Cry, and a full single player campaign. PS3 owners will get exclusive DLC for the platform.

Andrew House, President and Group CEO, is taking the stage. Wonderbook is now being shown. Using AR and the PlayStation Eye, the book comes to life for families and kids. You will also be able to use move and regular DualShock controllers to control the action.

Moonbot Studios is on board with Diggs Nightcrawler to build content for Wonderbook. They have already created several award-winning Tablet apps.

Book of Spells is coming to Wonderbook from Pottermore and JK Rowling. This will allow you to cast spells and learn how to become a Wizard as you read through the AR pages. This is the reinvention of the storybook. This is coming Fall of 2012.

HTC One will be the first non-Sony manufacturer to use PlayStation Mobile--formerly PlayStation Suite.

God of War Ascension, for PlayStation 3, is now coming up to bat for Sony. Featuring that classic, fast-paced action the series is known for, God of War looks like it hasn't missed a step--even with new creative minds behind it. God of War Ascension comes out March 12, 2013. Ready for the busiest February and March of your life?

The Last of Us is absolutely stunning and amazing. By far, one of the best things I have ever seen in recent memory. Naughty Dog is proving how awesome they are.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 06/05/12

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