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Spirits of Xanadu Review

Developer: Allen Trivette & Lee Williams | Publisher: Night Dive Studios
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 03/26/15 | Genre: FPS

Imagine, if you will, space, a ship in distress—-a mission of rescue and discovery.  Inside the ship all is dark. A briefcase and audio file are the first clues to help with the mission.  Armed with a flashlight and gun, you wander the dark and silent corridors.  Suddenly silence is broken; hostiles are intent on your destruction.  Will you survive?  Will you complete your mission?  Can you solve the mystery of the Xanadu?

The Spirits of Xanadu is an action, adventure, horror first-person shooter published by Night Dive Studios.  An indie game that you can immerse yourself in the thrill of intrigue.  Solve riddles and piece together the mystery that is the Xanadu.  With more than one ending, compelling storylines and music that sets the stage, this game proves that you don't need the state of the art graphic card, or use Unreal Engine to be successful.

There are four difficulties in the game: peaceful, easy, normal, and hard.  For peaceful through normal you wake in the brig able to continue your journey where you left off.  The robots move a bit slower on the easier levels. The hard difficulty you wake where you last saved.  The AI ramps up their game quite a bit on hard making each decision and shot made critical.  The game allows for you to change the difficulty from harder to easier, or vice versa within the game started should it be a piece of cake or tough and rough.  A nice feature to have as it gives beginners a chance to enjoy the game without it being too tough.

Xanadu uses both the keyboard and game controller.  Within the options menu, one can change keybindings, lighting, or a myriad of other things to enhance gameplay.  The character can be male or female only the name hinting to who you are.  The game is able to be saved at points. One simply has to access a control panel in different places within the game.  When death happens no loading of files is necessary—-which is nice, you simply wake up in the med bay, ready to go forth and pick up where you left off.  The interactiveness of the game is great. The running, crouching or jumping motions flow without a hint of sluggishness.  Looking around is easy and effortless allowing for quick reactions to the situation at hand.

The music is the highlight of this game.  It alone will get that imagination flowing, perhaps make the hairs on the back of the neck stand up a signal that you are not alone.  A small movement may have you jumping with a gasp.  What was that?  Or perhaps a thought of seeing something yet nothing is there.  Then a quick change in tempo and battle begins.  A different type of music will play to signify a clue or perhaps a little help from a spirit.

Spirits of Xanadu is available on Steam and comes with twenty-five achievements, some of them quite amusing in accomplishing.  Should you find any bugs there is a specific forum thread for addressing these.  All in all this is a game that will entertain and worth the money.

By Christina Voican - 04/15/15

Screenshots for Spirits of Xanadu Review

Spirits of Xanadu Review

Spirits of Xanadu Review

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