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SSX Tricky

Developer: EA Sports Big | Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 11/01/01 | Genre: Sports

When the PS2 first launched, EA's SSX came out of nowhere and took the gaming community by storm. Just over a year later SSX Tricky has been unleashed on the masses.

Veterans of SSX are in for a real treat with Tricky, and newbies should be prepared to get blown away. SSX Tricky features several different tracks, including those from the original. However, all of the originals are completely redesigned with only a few familiar spots here and there to remind you that it's the same track. The new tracks, Alaska and Garibaldi, are pleasant new additions to the game we already know and love. In addition to the new tracks, we also get several new characters, new boards, and new outfits. Basically, you've got tons of extras to unlock that will keep you playing this for quite some time.

EA has done a splendid job with the visuals in this game. While racing, you'll have fireworks going off in your face that look better than ever, and if you watch your board you can actually see it reflecting different lights as make your way down the mountain. Character designs are top of the line, and the new Uber trick animations are totally wicked. Never a one trick pony, this new SSX keeps things rolling with a funky soundtrack that consists of some tunes from the original, but also some new tracks that force you to play this game with your speakers kickin'.

As the name suggests, this game puts more emphasis on doing tricks than the first game did. The main game still requires you to obtain medals and raise your character's stats, but now when you fill up the familiar boost meter, you'll have twenty seconds to pull off an outrageous new Uber trick. These tricks are worth a ton of points and once you get these babies down, you'll be raking in gold medals like there's no tomorrow. Another new addition to the game is character rivalry. Your character will be friends with some of the riders, and enemies with others. If you don't like someone, then shove them down a few times and see how long it takes before they move into enemy status. Be careful though, having too many enemies can set you up for one heck of a rough race.

SSX Tricky is nearly a problem-free game. However, you will still at times become stuck on inanimate objects and you must suffer the loss of boost power if you wish to use "select" to get you back on track. If you're not willing to sacrifice boost power, then you must wait for your character to decide when it's time to start moving again. Annoying? Yes, but it's not enough to take away from the overall experience of the game. Actually, SSX Tricky is not just a game. You can view cool DVD extras about how the game was made and even check out some of the voice-over sessions. This is something I'd like to see on more games in the future, it's interesting stuff. SSX Tricky is definitely worth looking into at the very least, and if you do look into it, then you'll mostly likely end up buying it. Enjoy!

By Ryan Schaefer - 08/01/01

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