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Star Wars Phantom Menace

Developer: Big Ape Productions | Publisher: LucasArts
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 04/30/99 | Genre: Action

Star Wars: Phantom Menace is an amazing title. The developers put a lot of time and effort into the game and it paid off. The game was superbly put together. It follows the general plot from the Episode 1 movie. Starting in the Trade Federation ship to the Gungan underwater city all the way to the epic battle between Darth Maul and Obi-Wan. The graphics are breathtaking while the sound adds to the atmosphere. The controls are highly intuitive while the storyline is impressive. The voices are realistic and the acting makes you feel like you are in the movie. You get force push, which can be used in many ways as well.

The weaponry is cool as well. The light saber can be used throughout the entire game and is very fun to work with. You can repel laser bullets or rip through crowds of robots. The scenery is also well done which adds all the more to gameplay. The fog and smoke effects are really nice as well. The final battle against Darth Maul can be done 2 ways?Ķ for you lazy people you can go the cheap way--which I won't tell you how to do--or you can do the heroic thing and beat down Darth Maul. That is no easy task but I will tell you that it is the most entertaining part of the game you will ever play.

Now for the downsides... some of the levels are long or just poorly designed. Other levels leave you guessing and running around in circles for a while. There is only one force power used... which could be improved upon. Some graphic glitches end up having NPC's falling through the ground or blocking views. The sound is sometimes choppy but it's a rare occurrence. Some areas such as camera angles could be improved as well?Ķ some places get overly tough because the camera doesn't give you the right angle. The weapons arsenal is a bit small but it is compensated with the ability to take control of some heavy weapon emplacements that are on some levels. Other then those gripes, there isn't really anything else wrong with the game.

This is one great game and is worth the price. It is fun for even non-Star Wars fans.

By Tabin Ahmad - 11/30/99
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