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Developer: Indie Pub Games | Publisher: Indie Pub Games
Players: 1+ Player Game | Release Date: 05/12/17 | Genre: Puzzle

Storm is an enchanting puzzle game played on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Steam platforms.  The object is to get the seed from one tree, to replant itself, in magical soil, on the other end of the screen, using the elements of wind, rain, and lightning.  Storm breaks up different levels in terms of days and seasons. As the player progresses, it becomes more challenging to get the seed where its needed.  Obstacles such as rocks, broken trees or dry flammable grass are just some of the things that will block the seed from getting to its destination.

Game controls are simple. Each element has one button set to it. Players push the corresponding button to the element they wish to use. By pushing it one or two times more will make the element be a little bit stronger.  As the player moves the cursor, the screen will move to give you an idea of what the player will face and how to get that little seed from point A to point B.  Fortunately, hints do appear as the game progresses.  This gives the player clues such as this is a heavy seed and will not float or this grass is dry and can catch fire easily.

For the music, the game has one song that loops throughout the game.  No matter the day or season, the song will remain the same.  While the music has a quiet serene tone, it still has the chance to annoy the player with the repetition. I do wish that there were additional songs.

The music aside, this game will lead those who enjoy puzzle games on a rousing adventure.  Storm gives the player many hours of challenging fun and the brain a great workout. I highly recommend it for the platform of your choice. Storm is available on Steam, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

By Christina Voican - 07/11/13

Screenshots for Storm

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